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Found 13 results

  1. Hello dear community members! I have a Buffalo LinkStation LS410D which is identical in hardware to the Synology Disk Station DS114. The only difference is the USB ports, which I don't need. Question: Is it possible to install firmware from Synology DS114 on Buffalo Ls410d? I would really appreciate any help and advice...
  2. Hi All, I’ll try and be thorough with what I did to get the best possible advice to resolve this issue. My DS412+ died the other day. I had an old PC (ASUS P5Q motherboard) with plenty SATA ports so decided to build a custom system with XPE hoping to migrate the four DS412+ disks into it. The last know DSM version on my real DS based off an email I received back in January 2019 about automatic update to DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4. (Don’t know how accurate that is) I downloaded the XPE tool v1.4.2. I used bootloder 1.03b and DSM 6.2 23739 Bi
  3. Hello everyone, Please Help, my xpenology has Volume 1 crashed error and all the data in it is not accessible How do i fix that? I install xpenology on ESXi 6.7 Here is the screenshot of the error
  4. Hello I installed Contao CSM 4.9 in DMS 6.2.1-23824-6 (DS918+) successfully and I would like to share this guide How to install contao 4 in synology 6.pdf that describes all necessary steps with all of you are interested in it and you are willing to make this kind of advanced modifications of the DSM configuration by yourself and at your own risk. Best regards
  5. Hallo, Ich hatte gestern einen Stromausfall und somit auch ein Problem bei meiner DiskStation. Ich habe die DiskStation neu gestartet und habe gesehen das mein ActiveDirectory komplett zerstört war. Es hab keine User und Computer, etc. (also ich kam zu dem InitialWizard nachdem man das AD das erste Mal installiert). Dann sah ich das meine Moments-Alben verschwunden sind. Ich hatte mehrere eigenen Alben (Urlaub X, Urlaub Y, etc.) aber diese sind nun weg?! Gib es einen weg die Alben wieder herzustellen ohne die 1000 Ordner im Fileverzeichnis durchgehen zu müssen?
  6. Hello, Yesterday I had a power failure and therefore also a problem with my DiskStation. I restarted DiskStation and saw that my ActiveDirectory was completely destroyed. There were no users and computers, etc. (so I came to the InitialWizard after installing the AD for the first time). Then I saw that my albums from Moments disappeared. I had several albums of my own (Urlaub X, Urlaub Y, etc.) but they are gone now?! Is there a way to restore the albums without going through the 1000 folders in the file directory? Moments stores the pictures in the file directory, but gen
  7. Привет всем, тема довольно старая но все равно хотел написать). 1 дня разбирался по поводу темы.. Смысл в том что Уведомление Приходящий от Системы приходил от Телеграмм БОтА, вроде убодно... но я живу в России тут Телегу забронировали, но делал ради интереса. добавил VPN на сервер (NAS) как основной шлюз (мой провайдер блокирует Telegram) и так начнем.. (оговорю с я не мастер писать правильно) Идем в систему.. Источник вдохновения Оригинал Кому надо удобства)
  8. Long story short, had to file an insurance claim for the apartment I live in. Included in that is xpenology box that I built about 2 years ago. I don't think that I ever upgraded the DSM in it and the only thing that it's doing is hosting some shared folders and plex w/ a very large collection. It has 5 x 8TB drives in it. For whatever reason, it's no longer working (lightning, gremlins, ghosts, take your pick). Anyway, because of the insurance claim, I'm thinking of moving to a synology box. I'm almost 100% sure the HDDs are not damaged, and assuming that they aren't, is it possi
  9. Hallo Leute, ich habe mir gestern Virtual Machine Manager auf meinem Xpenology ( Rechner: INTEL Xeon D-1527, 8gb DDR) installiert. Zuerst hatte ich das Problem, dass er die VMs nicht startete, da er sagte er habe zu wenig RAM, dieses Problem habe ich mit der BIOS Einstellung "VIRTUALIZATION ON" gelöst. Nun lassen sich alle VMs installieren. Jetzt besteht aber das Problem, dass sich Windows VMs nicht starten. Nach der Installation, passiert nichts mehr, es erscheint folgendes Bild, Booting from Hard Disk.... weiter passiert nichts. Wenn ich nun die Verbindung schließe, und wieder öf
  10. Bonjour à tous, Quelqu'un a deja une expérience avec GLPI et le plugin Fusioninventory ? J'aurais besoin de quelques conseils. Notamment sur la mise en place d'une telle solution. Merci
  11. Bonjour à tous, Existe-t-il un package syno pour gérer les métadonnées dans synology ? Je suis à la recherche d’une application afin qu’elle gère les métadonnées dans chaque fichier qui se trouve dans l’un de mes dossiers partagés. Et pas uniquement les photos ou les vidéos. Merci pour vos suggestions. T
  12. Buenas tardes he tenido un mega lio con mi xpeno, ya realice la migracion correspondiente respaldando 2.6TB de datos y formateando nuevamente para reinstalar la version 6.1.3U1 el problema es que al realizar el regreso de mis fotos los videos no se convierten me arrojan un error System failed to convert video [/volume1/photo/folder/VID_20140215_221643584.mp4] to mpeg4. Cabe mencionar que ya habilite la conversion de todos los formatos en photo station y en panel de control. Alguien pudiera orientarme que puedo hacer???
  13. Hello xpenologists. is there anyone who know if \ how there is an option to run \ download the srm 1.1 to run as a VM? (the synology router manager software is basically the same as DSM with some modifications) it would be great to have an srm machine to replace my physical router.