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  1. seeiis

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Test DS3615xs Hardware List: Mainboard: g31m-es2c CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad can't work ....no lan be find
  2. Updated from DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8 to DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1 using the GUI, had to reboot. But VirtualBox doesnt working :/ very sad for me... SPK Diablos will not update the package in the next days
  3. I use a SN Valid for another synology official (RS816) and it works fine!
  4. can i use a serial from RS816 real box for enable the transcodding?
  5. is any way to generate or crack this new function??
  6. What you do to try to solve it? i use a mac/sn valid but nothing :/ in some pages i read in somewhere is a new mac/sn generator, i search for few minutes but nothing...
  7. PLEX para mis fotos y videos nunca lo he usado, en caso de no encontrar solucion creo que esa sera mi opcion
  8. Hey! I reinstall my xpeno in the last days, but after the new installation with the most recent loader for 6.1.3 the photo station cant convert some videos Here is the error System failed to convert video [/volume1/photo/Folder/VID_20140215_221643584.mp4] to mpeg4. Can anybody helpme?
  9. Buenas tardes he tenido un mega lio con mi xpeno, ya realice la migracion correspondiente respaldando 2.6TB de datos y formateando nuevamente para reinstalar la version 6.1.3U1 el problema es que al realizar el regreso de mis fotos los videos no se convierten me arrojan un error System failed to convert video [/volume1/photo/folder/VID_20140215_221643584.mp4] to mpeg4. Cabe mencionar que ya habilite la conversion de todos los formatos en photo station y en panel de control. Alguien pudiera orientarme que puedo hacer???
  10. What you do to get properly working, the NIC? please help me
  11. How do you do the downgrade can you Tell me? Enviado desde mi Moto G (4) mediante Tapatalk
  12. thank you for the tip, had to use virtual serial console on my gen8 to restore the missing modules, everything is working fine and upgraded to update2. how can i use the virtual serial console? is there any tutorial? Can you tell me a little bit more detailed the procedure u do to recover the network? Thanks in advance
  13. Yes, its in SSH but not all the commands, maybe the DSM Service isnt working, in some part in the forum i saw that command maybe it will help you. and about the compatibility i dont know the hardware list, maybe somebody can tell you the exact piezes. Sorry in that
  14. i might this will help you synoservice {--help} synoservice {--list} [running] synoservice {--enable | --disable} service... synoservice {--start | --stop | --restart} service... synoservice {--keyon | --keyoff} service... synoservice {--detail} service... syno service dsm --start something like this via SSH http://paf.dias.ac.cy/main/support/syno ... n-commands
  15. What you do, to install the update 6.1? how the LAN get DHCP? Hi, i download the loader of this topic. I burn into an USB and put the vid/pid. I use the second option in loader and i do a clean install of 6.1 keeping my files. When the install finished, i put the static ip and my port and all was good. I update to update 2 too and all good. In the next 2 days i use the NAS for download and i turn off and on when i want and all was good. But yesterday, when i want to enter to see my downloads, i see this message. I restart and turn of the machine some times and nothing always this message. I do ping by cmd in windows to the nas ip and is good. I dont know what can i do. My nas is asrock q1900 itx 4 gb ram and 7 hdds in shr. The video output of the nas said me than the loader is good. nothing extrange here. Thank you so much. Ok Thank you, you put the Static IP Throug the DSM?
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