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  1. I had to import the VM because I couldn't select the vmdk file for an existing drive in the VM. In your first answer you said "add existing vmdisk synoboot.vmdk as sata 0:0" and now you saying that sata 0:0 is unseen by DSM? I don't think so. I can see this screen...
  2. This 12GB disk is the synoboot.vmdk and its also conected via the SATA Controller (0:0). I can see the boot menu, and choose the installation type for ESXi and after that I can see the "normal boot screen" which display the kernel boot etc.
  3. Ok, after some problems with the vmdk file and other things, I finally importet the VM sucessfully. But I don't get any network. When I import the VM on VirtualBox everything works. Do I don't get an IP because of the VMWareTools? How can I install this when DSM not installed already? This are my settings in the VM: --> I changed the Mac-Address for the Jun’s Mod V1.03b loader
  4. Does anyone have an actual guide for installing DSM 6.2 with Jun’s Mod V1.03b on ESXi 6.7?
  5. I gave up. I already set up esxi with two VMs - one is my development server and one is my DSM.
  6. Now I'm doing it with Esxi and it's not that hard as I thought. My dev-server with jira, git and so on is already running good, but I have small problems with the VM of DSM. -> But I get this also running for sure I have tried the 918+ but my system got stuck at the Intro (where you can choose what you want (run, reinstall, install on esxi)), therefore I installed esxi. I try the 918+ on my DSM-VM again, if that not works I use the ds3617xs.
  7. Adding disable_mtrr_trim and disabling the C1 in the Bios didn't helped... - What can I try next? I can see that there is enough RAM available on my DSM...
  8. - Outcome of the update: UNSUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2-23739 UPDATE 1 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03a2 - DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac + AMD Ryzen 5 1600 - Additional comments: System stucks at the "Intro"
  9. Ok, thanks for your reply. Option 1: sounds good --> I could create VMs on the esxi instead of in DSM, what maybe is better (better performance, etc.). I'm not familiar with esxi, but I think it's not difficult, or? Option 2: yeah I saw that there is a new loader. I check if that work. Do I have any restrictions on using the 918+ instead of 3617xs? Maybe not all packages or settings are available, or something of that?
  10. I have created a VM, but I can't start it, because of "insufficient memory" (s. image) I'm using jun's loader (v1.02b, ds3617xs) - with the extra.lzma ramdisk (this one) What do I have to do, to get this running? My system: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 32 GB RAM Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac 3 x 3TB Western Digital Red
  11. I'm trying to use my m2. SSD for my VMs but DSM does not detect it. I'm using jun's loader (v1.02b, ds3617xs) - with the extra.lzma ramdisk (this one) My system: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 32 GB RAM Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac ADATA XPG SX6000 256GB, M.2 (ASX6000NP-256GT-C) 3 x 3TB Western Digital Red I also bought a PCIe expansion card for my m.2 (this one), but the system does also not detect it this way. What can I do? Do I have to change this in my grub.config? --> Maybe to SataPortMap=11 ? set sata_args='sata_uid=1 sata_pcislot=5 synoboot_satadom=1 DiskIdxMap=0C SataPortMap=1 SasIdxMap=0'
  12. Please make sure that after installing DSM the boot order is correct. Boot from USB should be number one.