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  1. @reworks Good to know that you can see Health info in 6.2.1 ! Which loader (1.03b or 1.04b) and model (ds918+ or ds3615x) are you on ? Thank you
  2. Please, can someone more knowledgeable than me explain what is the meaning of these ofoption in grub.cfg: sata_uid=1 sata_pcislot=5 synoboot_satadom=1 Maybe @jun I searched this forum and could not find an explanation. Thank you !
  3. @reworks: after many many hours spent trying stuff, I came to conclusion that HW transcoding only works in 6.2.1 with the original extra.lzma. In 6.2.2 it does not work. We may need to wait for Synology to release a Gemini Lake box to grab a newer i915 driver. @reworks: do you see Health disk information for the disks in STorage manager? I can't see (Access error) it with DS918
  4. Can someone be so kind and confirm if HW transcoding is still enabled on J4105/j5005 with DSM 6.2.2, Jun 1.04b and DS918+ ? Just check if there is something in /dev/dri For me, the i915 driver crashes during the boot so I had to use real3x extra.lzma which removes it, but then I don't have hw transcoding. @Olegin does not specify which version of DSM he was testing with, but I suspect it was an earlier version of DSM. Thank you
  5. I ran an iperf3 between SYnology VM (using E1000e) and another Linux VM on the same host and I got 10Gbps transfer speeds. The internal Esxi virtual switch operates at 10Gbps
  6. @Rowdy I was about to post that this error: NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 41s! [insmod:6325] Is because to i915.ko driver crashing. I had the same problem and I had to use a minimal extra.lzma (which does not contain i915) for it to work. I am curious if you have HW encoding active (I would guess you do not) Can you please check if /dev/dri folder exists and there is something in it? Regards
  7. I forgot to tell: in the DS3615xs / 1.03b machine I can see the Helath info. In the DS(18+ / 1.04 I cannot
  8. I have the same problem and I spent the past week trying all sorts of things. I just can't see the Health info with Jun 1.04 loader and DS918+. I am passing the Intel SATA controller to Synology VM. I went so far to create another VM, using Jun 1.03b loader and DS3615xs, passing through the same SATA controller and having the same HDD. So, two VMs, one can see Health info, one cannot. Both running DSM 622-24922. Any suggestions would be much appreciated !
  9. Hi all ! First of all, thank you developers for the wonderful work on Xpenology project ! Does anyone know why the SATA disks show up as SCSI in DSM virtualized ? This will generate errors in the interface when I check the Health of the disks. I am running DSM 6.2.2, Jun 1.04b, DS918+, in Esxi 6.7 on Asrock J4105-ITX board. I have 3 disks in my VM: 1. the synoboot image (/dev/hda) 2. a virtual disk on SATA1:0 3. a Hitachi hdd on a SATA controller, using PCI Passthrough. synodisk --enum ************ Disk Info *********