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  1. hi i missing something? where is the link for the img file? ok found it.
  2. Bar1

    DSM 7 loader

    i do prefer ESXI or KVM.....will wait a bit for a loader but might try VMM (it'll probably not be great though because it'll be a vm within a vm)
  3. Sorry i am sure it was mentioned somewhere....but any updates on DSM 7 as a VM?
  4. I am currently running DSM as a VM on proxmox. but can't decide if i should pass through my new 8TB hard drive, or rather use a virtual hard drive and use some of the space on other vms. any thoughts?
  5. ok please confirm: posted version above: Last tested and worked for me is 6.2 update 2 with bootloader 1.03 (DS3617). is this 1.03a or b? i am sure i am using the right one.....103b 3617
  6. I installed the PAT file, it did a reboot. it did not ask me to chose a password yet.
  7. no ipaddress.... admin@DiskStation:/$ dmesg | grep 'e1000' [ 15.872062] e1000e: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - 3.3.4-NAPI [ 15.872066] e1000e: Copyright(c) 1999 - 2016 Intel Corporation. [ 18.404408] e1000: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - version 7.3.21-k8-NAPI [ 18.404412] e1000: Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Intel Corporation. [ 18.434466] e1000 0000:00:12.0: setting latency timer to 64 [ 18.435017] Modules linked in: e1000(F+) sfc(F) netxen_nic(F) qlge(F) qlcnic(F) qla3xxx(F) pch_gbe(F) ptp_pch(F) sky2(F) skge(F) ipg(F) uio(F) alx(F) atl1c(F) atl1e(F) atl1(F) libphy
  8. ok i see it's admin and blank let me try
  9. i didnt get to the part where you set your username and the way, thank you so much for your help! and my dhcp isn't showing DSM is connected.
  10. i did notice that....but my network is definitely set to e1000....
  11. after the install the vm isn't getting an ip address...i dont really see any errors... [ 49.325024] RIP [<ffffffff81007aa2>] dma_set_mask+0x22/0x50 [ 49.325024] RSP <ffff88010a997c00> [ 49.325024] CR2: 00000000ffffffff [ 49.506556] ---[ end trace e169fc0603087d05 ]--- [ 49.518569] pcnet32: pcnet32.c:v1.35 21.Apr.2008 [ 49.526119] VMware vmxnet3 virtual NIC driver - version [ 49.545742] cnic: Broadcom NetXtreme II CNIC Driver cnic v2.5.16 (Dec 05, 2012) [ 49.564534] r8168: Unknown symbol pci_disable_link_state (err 0) [
  12. any change you can send me a link to DS3617 6,2 update 2?
  13. I am using the latest loader ,1.04 ,with : now i can't even see the network. qm terminal 102 doesn't show anything! just to i set the serial number on the newly created hard disk or the image? blessendor, thanks but your config does not work for me.
  14. I am not winning here can someone please recommend a good guide?