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  1. curtis777

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    How do i use the image for AMD ?
  2. Hallo Liebe deutschsprachige Gemeinde, NAchdem in meinen HP Proliant N40L der Blitz eingeschlagen hat hat die Netzwerk Schnittstelle gemeint sie macht nichts mehr. Nach dem Tausch der Netzwerkkarte habe ich wieder verbindung per Synology Assistent und SSH. Jedoch komme ich per Browser nicht auf meine Maschine!
  3. ok i found out it is really the LAN Port which is gone. Now i putted in a new compatible LAN Adapter. IP-Adress seems to be DHCP. But when i try to connect to it the browser says connection refused! P.s. my Synology is Reachable per SSH and i get an connection!
  4. Additionally. Which usb network adapter can I use instantly on my hp ? I decided to order a new one...
  5. is it possible to reset the network connection for testing purposes ? inline with a keyboard an monitor ?
  6. Hey Guys, I have some serious problems. We had a really bad weather here so the thunderbolt has choosen my house and killed my modem. today i got an change everything comes online to normal. But not my HP N40L with Xpenology 6 on it. There is no downlink, i was wondering if this is a hardware error or an Software fail? I tried changing network cable but same problem.... does anybody have an idea how to rescue my Datastorage ?
  7. Hey Guys, Since i upgraded my HP N54L to DSM 6.0 (DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 9) I have permanent troubles with the connection. My Router Interface doesn't show up my Synology sometimes the synology Assistant cant find the Synology. and whe i copy a Folder with 2GB Pic's to the Synology i get Network Faults EDIT: Ping on this IP goes most of the time negative but Webinterface is reachable. allready tried to reset the synology and the router as well. greetings Curtis
  8. Sorry war im Urlaub, also habe weder im Interface des Router noch mit IP Scan gefunden ... Durch erraten der IP Adresse kann ich darauf zugreifen. Hab jetzt schon beides zurück gesetzt. komplett crazy.
  9. Hey Guys, I just upgraded my N54L to DSM 6.0 after one week working without problems, i updated my firewall rules and reboot my router. and the problem appears. I just have a connectoin over my iphone connected on WIFI ping from my PC is negative and my router doesnt show my N54L
  10. Hallo Leute, Ich habe letzte Woche das Update auf DSM 6.0 gemacht und erreiche sie nach einem Routerneustart nicht mehr per lan. in der Iphone App geht es tadellos jedoch im LAN nicht mehr. Der Router zeigt mir zwar an das ein Gerät connected ist jedoch keine IP-Adresse vergeben ist. Habt ihr eine idee ?
  11. Has anyone tried to upgrade a HP Microserver Gen7 ? Is everything working fine ? Or are there any special things at this modell?
  12. is there yet a way to get DSM 6.0 running on HP N54L ?
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