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  1. Well, this is not working on my test PC, will see if this problem exist on my main server (ML10 gen9). But I think you can't passthru internal sata controller while using it as boot device for proxmox (in my configuration one disk is for pve and it's local storage) Anyway, disk smart data passthru is not a deal breaker here, I can still manage SMART tests on proxmox side (using cron and smartctl with email notifications)
  2. Hi there, I'm considering to migrate my baremetal Xpenology system to proxmox. So I installed test pve system on my old PC and configured latest DS3617xs DSM with Jun's 1.02b loader. Thanks everyone for tips from this thread! Found one problem - I've passthru one drive as sata, but DSM can't read SMART data. Can someone tell me how to passthru HDD with all smart data?
  3. Successfully applied 6.1.3-15152-4 update (direct download from Control Panel) Hardware: baremetal HP ML10 gen9 I'm using DS3617xs 1.01a2 loader
  4. I've successfully applied 6.1.3-15152 Update 1 update on my HP ML10 gen9 baremetal with 1.01a2 loader. No restart needed
  5. I've successfully applied DS3617xs 6.1.3-15152 update on my HP ML10 gen9 baremetal without any issues. I'm still using 1.02a2 loader (I wonder how many updates it will survive )
  6. I've applied update this morning on HP ML10 gen9 baremetal without any issues.
  7. Hi. I'm currently on DS3617 latest DSM with 1.02a2. Is it worth to upgrade loader to 1.02b? Do I need to reinstall DSM with neewer loader? I'm not sure what is the procedure of loader upgrade.
  8. Upgrade from 6.1.1-15101 to 6.1.2-15132 successfull on baremetal ML10 gen9
  9. I can confirm too, installed 6.1.1 u4 on baremetal ds3617xs loader - everything works fine so far.
  10. Thats not true - of course you can migrate from ds3615xs to ds3617xs with all settings. I did this on my machine (HP ML10 gen9). Of course it wasn't that easy - my first attempt fail. Here's my story: #1 attempt --> with all disks installed, boot server with new loader with install option and go to xpenology_ip:5000. Synology assistant detects migration from 3615 to 3617 and propose migration with or without settings. Of course I've selected migration with settings. But someting was wrong because whole DSM installation process was very short, less than 2 minutes, but without errors. After reboot no joy - bricked DSM. #2 attempts - same scenario, but: - disconnected all drives exept my first hdd (seperate 1 drive volume1 for less sensitive data) - reflashed loader and recreated pid/vid/serial/mac - after boot loader with install option selected, synology assistant still/again ofered migration from 3615 to 3617. And this time upgrade worked fine, took about 10 minutes. After succesfull 6.1.1 upgrade I've applied DSM 6.1.1-15101 Update 2 patch without aby problems. Now: power off, reconnect rest of my drives and boot. Used mdadm command to add connected drives to md0 array. Everyone must remember that this migration is (I think) very hardware specific - with no proper drivers in loader it will fail. My rig is very familiar with oryginal DS3617xs hardware (same CPU architecture). EDIT By the way, I wanted to report a strange problem: After migration my DSM dispalying strange IP address: Of course, DSM real IP is normal. Anyone have any clue whats couse this?