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  1. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    No I'm ok with it. 220mb on average is good!!! I'll probably stuff 2 SSDs there when I get a better MB. But thats probably for next year project. Thanks for all the help!
  2. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    Ah thanks! The 2008 R2 version worked! After that I had an issue with adding extra.lzma - ended up redoing the USB stick. Not the smoothest of the processes but it works! Speeds are about 180-300mb - probably limited by my hard drives on NAS. Thanks for the help @IG-88, @quicknick, @Polanskiman!!!!! The last part I have to figure out is this Brocam BIOS hijacking my PC's bios - its weird it blocks the motherboard BIOS even if I disable it in MB BIOS from loading the card at all. PS: sorry guys I didnt reply, I was out for a bit.
  3. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    I think I figured out issue #2: This is some kind of boot over LAN setting which I dont need to use. I'll turn it off. So I guess the only thing is the WIN7 issue.
  4. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    Got all the devices in today. Connected the cards. Having a couple of issues: 1) Windows 7 Driver - non-existent. I have downloaded these two: http://driverdownloads.qlogic.com/QLogicDriverDownloads_UI/SearchByProduct.aspx?ProductCategory=322&Product=1214&Os=194 - Driver package for Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64) - Adapter Software Installer for Windows Installation of the device through Device Manager fails too: ^^^ these adapters installed but with an error: Code 39 (havent looked into it yet) Fibre Channel Controller The bigger problem is the Fibre Channel Controller - I cant install the drivers without briking Win7 - complete bluescreen. Only restore point gets the system back to normal. Any ideas on how to get this device to work on WIN 7 PRO? 2) The NIC itself loads in before boot devices. I get an error when the screen is loading: Adapter 1/1/1 (Brocade-1020): Link initialization failed. Disabling BIOS Adapter 1/0/0 (Brocade-1020): Link initialization failed. Disabling BIOS I enabled both of the NICs through options / settings: I'm not sure what I'm supposed to enable here. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    my cable is still in transit - eBay seller DID NOT ship the cable (forgot)...DAMN IT! So probably next week I'll be able to test it. We'll see. Thanks @IG-88 for your work!!!
  6. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    Motherboard change is definitely the first thing to do. They are the dirt cheap part of the build - the more expensive stuff is RAM and CPU. You can probably try a build like mine - LGA1151 is cheap on eBay because of the whole Intel fuckup where they changed the socket. As far as hard drives - I think you are probably better off just buying 2 SSD drives and putting them as WRITE CACHE instead of getting 12 drives for speed. I dont know if anybody attempted to do this on XPE though. Also Synology WRITE CACHE is suspect - i have seen conflicting videos where it does improve the speed and where it doesnt at all. EDIT: I also noticed Synology started to use RAM as fast storage for Synology device databases. This is applied to Universal Search and something else (I dont remember right now). So maybe in future they will just use RAM drive for every application?
  7. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    Sweet! Hopefully my ebay seller comes through and hurries the shipping up. Thanks!
  8. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    Got my cards, but cable got stuck in shipping I'll update when I get the whole thing setup. I cant seem to find the new loader - can anybody please point me to where I can find the link to @quicknick loader?
  9. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    I will be able to test around March 10-15th. My items already shipped out. I dont know much about plugging in drivers into a loader though. (I'll look into it this weekend) Can you point me into direction on how to do that? Otherwise we can wait for Quicknicks loader
  10. Did you try the Force method(2nd from the top when you load up)? Is this a barebones or ESXI machine? AMD or Intel? PS: i would just recommend to re-install. It sucks, but it should be seamless - all files should stay from what I experienced.
  11. Hmmm, I had something like this I think. I dont remember how I resolved it. Did you make sure to get your VID PID set for the USB?
  12. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    Found compatibility list: https://community.brocade.com/dtscp75322/attachments/dtscp75322/FibreChannel/248/1/External Brocade Qual and Support Transceiver Matrix.pdf Brocade 1020 and 58-1000023-01 (10G-SFPP-TWX-0501) seem to be compatible. PS: The more I look into fiber networking the more I'm confused about it's terms and compatibility issues. Why would they not get a standard going? Seems like fiber transceivers are made specifically just to lock customers into getting just that specific company product and only it.
  13. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    Yeah my setup is super simple. I only have 2 PCs in my bedroom - one PC, one NAS(right next to each other). I sometimes need to do 3-4TB backups - which is a pain at 100mb speeds. So 10GBe is the way to go. Current spindle drive speeds are around 150mb-250mb. SSD's getting cheaper too (some 1TB drives are going below $300 mark) so sitting at 100mb / s has no point.
  14. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    I dont have that many needs for my backups. Point to point should be good enough. So for now, no need for a switch.
  15. 10Gbe setup - will this work with 6.1?

    Thanks, but I dont like microtic interface...I worked with Microtic router and it was like pulling teeth without lidocaine I'll probably invest into UNIFI switch / router, but not right now.