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  1. https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx/c04163764.pdf
  2. I was running HP card under 3615xs loader. This was a while ago, but I didn't need any drivers to make it work. The card was: HP 435508-B21 https://www.newegg.com/hp-435508-b21/p/N82E16816401074
  3. USB devices (Wi-Fi dongle, Bluetooth dongle, 3G/4G dongle, USB DAC/speaker, and DTV dongle) are no longer supported. If your Synology NAS is currently connected via a wireless dongle, it will be disconnected after the update. ^^^ this one is interesting. Sucks that they are removing this.
  4. #chiamining Inflation in USA in beginning of the year is already 4.2% with predictions of 11% by the end of the year. Who knows whats gonna happen. Prices are going up just in general - try looking at your RAM kit that you bought couple of years ago. I bought mine at $300, now its DOUBLE the price. If you look at HDD prices, they are somewhat the same. But if you really look - the manufacturers replaced CMR drives with SMR drives which is basically a bait and switch. Same drives that you bought a year ago, are now using shittier and c
  5. Thanks! It's throwing an error after "clean" command. DISKPART> clean DiskPart has encountered an error: Access is denied. See the System Event Log for more information. I looked at the event log and got this: Cannot zero sectors on disk \\?\PhysicalDrive7. Error code: 5@0101000F There is some kind of special partition formatting that must be present on USB. I found this page: https://www.pendrivelinux.com/restoring-your-usb-key-partition/ And unbricked the USB with: https://www.sdcard.org/download
  6. Howdy, After I flashed USB sticks with Xpe boot images, it would create 2 partitions on it. This creates a problem where if you delete 2 partitions through Windows Partition manager, it bricks the USB. Is there a way to recover the USB after Xpe partitions? It basically doesnt see the partition after you re-create it. ^^^ this is how it looks like in partition manager It does not show up in the explorer. I edited the USB in MiniTool Partition Manager also, but it still shows nothing. I'm no
  7. Yup! ConnectX-3 works! Thank you for your help!
  8. Sorry just venting about my own issues I'm having on DS1621+.
  9. Sorry to be offtopic, but they bricked a bunch of ******* in 6.2.4 - https://www.synology.com/en-us/releaseNote/DSM?model=DS1621%2B#ver_25426-3 I wouldnt use it. My DS1621+ was completely bricked with no access to outside internet. Had to update to 6.2.4-25556
  10. Would I be able to use ConnectX3(put it into DS1621+) and have it connect to Brocade 1020 on the PC side? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Mellanox-MCX311A-XCAT-CX311A-ConnectX-3-EN-10G-Ethernet-10GbE-SFP-PCI-E-NIC/223088957450?hash=item33f123580a:g:XUgAAOSwjXZcXHsa
  11. Migration went fine! No issues! Everything needs to get updated so you have to wait at least 30-40 minutes for startup. Now I have to figure out how to add my Brocade 1020 to DS1621+
  12. These companies lost their sense of smell. Submarining these SMR drives as normal drives is a big ******* you to customers. I have older 4TB Barracudas which can sustain 150mb/s no problems. I bought 8TB barracuda (2019 model) and its an SMR drive - awful performance after about 300GB. Literally 1-50MB/s on a single, large RAR file. Now everybody has to guess if some of these models are SMR or not. Its bullshit. Thanks for posting those articles!
  13. https://community.synology.com/enu/forum/1/post/124132 ^^^
  14. Looks like its some sort of bug or just badly translated message: https://anonymiz.com/w8ul Syno forum is full of people asking about it. I wouldn't worry about it. In general, when I used SSD cache it worked great, but if there are any issues with it, it really fucks up your system. I would go without it(I just recently removed mine). I removed mine because when write cache was 100% full it would stop the box from working. All the online videos of SSD cache also show very little change in read / write speeds. I think that whole cache system