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  1. USB devices (Wi-Fi dongle, Bluetooth dongle, 3G/4G dongle, USB DAC/speaker, and DTV dongle) are no longer supported. If your Synology NAS is currently connected via a wireless dongle, it will be disconnected after the update. ^^^ this one is interesting. Sucks that they are removing this.
  2. #chiamining Inflation in USA in beginning of the year is already 4.2% with predictions of 11% by the end of the year. Who knows whats gonna happen. Prices are going up just in general - try looking at your RAM kit that you bought couple of years ago. I bought mine at $300, now its DOUBLE the price. If you look at HDD prices, they are somewhat the same. But if you really look - the manufacturers replaced CMR drives with SMR drives which is basically a bait and switch. Same drives that you bought a year ago, are now using shittier and c
  3. Thanks! It's throwing an error after "clean" command. DISKPART> clean DiskPart has encountered an error: Access is denied. See the System Event Log for more information. I looked at the event log and got this: Cannot zero sectors on disk \\?\PhysicalDrive7. Error code: 5@0101000F There is some kind of special partition formatting that must be present on USB. I found this page: https://www.pendrivelinux.com/restoring-your-usb-key-partition/ And unbricked the USB with: https://www.sdcard.org/download
  4. Howdy, After I flashed USB sticks with Xpe boot images, it would create 2 partitions on it. This creates a problem where if you delete 2 partitions through Windows Partition manager, it bricks the USB. Is there a way to recover the USB after Xpe partitions? It basically doesnt see the partition after you re-create it. ^^^ this is how it looks like in partition manager It does not show up in the explorer. I edited the USB in MiniTool Partition Manager also, but it still shows nothing. I'm no
  5. Yup! ConnectX-3 works! Thank you for your help!
  6. Sorry just venting about my own issues I'm having on DS1621+.
  7. Sorry to be offtopic, but they bricked a bunch of ******* in 6.2.4 - https://www.synology.com/en-us/releaseNote/DSM?model=DS1621%2B#ver_25426-3 I wouldnt use it. My DS1621+ was completely bricked with no access to outside internet. Had to update to 6.2.4-25556
  8. Would I be able to use ConnectX3(put it into DS1621+) and have it connect to Brocade 1020 on the PC side? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Mellanox-MCX311A-XCAT-CX311A-ConnectX-3-EN-10G-Ethernet-10GbE-SFP-PCI-E-NIC/223088957450?hash=item33f123580a:g:XUgAAOSwjXZcXHsa
  9. Migration went fine! No issues! Everything needs to get updated so you have to wait at least 30-40 minutes for startup. Now I have to figure out how to add my Brocade 1020 to DS1621+
  10. These companies lost their sense of smell. Submarining these SMR drives as normal drives is a big ******* you to customers. I have older 4TB Barracudas which can sustain 150mb/s no problems. I bought 8TB barracuda (2019 model) and its an SMR drive - awful performance after about 300GB. Literally 1-50MB/s on a single, large RAR file. Now everybody has to guess if some of these models are SMR or not. Its bullshit. Thanks for posting those articles!
  11. https://community.synology.com/enu/forum/1/post/124132 ^^^
  12. Looks like its some sort of bug or just badly translated message: https://anonymiz.com/w8ul Syno forum is full of people asking about it. I wouldn't worry about it. In general, when I used SSD cache it worked great, but if there are any issues with it, it really fucks up your system. I would go without it(I just recently removed mine). I removed mine because when write cache was 100% full it would stop the box from working. All the online videos of SSD cache also show very little change in read / write speeds. I think that whole cache system
  13. Screenshots of your Resource Monitor and the Error would be nice. Also anything you set up with your SSD Cache. Why are you running SSD cache advisor when you already have SSD cache setup?
  14. This would be a dope PFSense router! Thanks for the link! Future project!
  15. That looks normal. Try rebooting your machine and running the calc again.