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  1. @dan98 The specs mention: - Storage: 1x mSata SSD, 1x M.2 2280 SSD, 1 x 2.5 Inch HDD - Expansion: 1x mSATA3.0, 6Gb/s; 1x SATA3.0, 6Gb/s; 1x ngff M.2 2280 (sata/nvme) SSD I didn't understand if any storage (128GB?) is included in the device or if you should add your own. I guess you'd want to use the 2.5'' SATA port to connect an SSD (to store your data). mSata drives are pretty obsolete/expensive and I'm not sure XPen supports them (please correct me if I'm wrong). AFAIK Xpen does not support M.2 SSDs yet. Or is it M.2 NVMe SSDs? IDK.
  2. Actually I realize now that disk write cache randomly turns ON for drives 1-4 while it doesn't (remains OFF, as expected) for drives 5-8. Drives 1-6 are connected to the MB sATA ports while drives 7 & 8 are connected to a PCIe add-in sATA controller (with 5 ports). Does anyone have any clue about what's going on? thanks -a-
  3. I just noticed write cache keeps re-enabling itself on drives 2 & 3 for some reason... drive 2 is a hot spare drive and seems to disconnect quite often for some reason. Maybe it's failing?
  4. Hi I am experiencing issues with my Xpen rig (918+) running DSM6.4 (latest available version on Jun's loader 1.4b). 8 HDDs total, 6 of them in a RAID5 array + remaining 2 as hot spare HDDs I get an error message that there is missing data in the write cache of my array (or something like that). I disabled write cache on all disk since. Now DSM asks to run data scrubbing followed by a file system check after reboot. In the meantime the array is in "WARNING" state (orange). After I complete the data scrubbing and the reboot and the file system check, I'm b
  5. Hi guys I just read this What do the experts in here think? Is using Tailscale a good idea? I mean as an alternative to quickconnect which is not available to our xpen rigs. Thank you very much in advance for your feedback. Best -a-
  7. Is the DHCP server your router? Maybe you could log onto the router and see if you can find the IP of your XPen rig. Then try to access this IP on your web browser on port 5000/5001. You may also want to DL and install Synology Assistant. I had plenty of experiences where would find nothing while Synology Assistant could detect my rigs. Give it a try.
  8. Peng Shuai reappeared. @ThorGroup not yet.
  9. Thanks a lot @flyride I understand that. I'm currently stuck since I don't know how to troubleshoot this any further. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I could track users on the forum that mentioned successfully using LACP and contact them directly in order to ask how they set it up. My best guess would be that they'd reply it worked OTB for them. Do you know if there is actually a hard limit of 4 for maxlanport? I mean is it known that when maxlanport is >4 then NICs are still recognized but the system becomes unstable. Or is it somethi
  10. Well I guess I'm on my own... Nobody reads this thread any longer, right?
  11. OK, Here is a little feedback after some testing. My initial trial involved using a quad-port GbE NIC (Realtek 8111G) with LACP aggregation (the hardware on my LAN supports LACP and other devices on this LAN have LACP enabled and working properly) while the onboard GbE was disabled. It wasn't stable. I get random network loss (the xpen rig has no longer access to the network but is not frozen nor crashed or anything). Network connection is restored after a hard reboot. I experienced the same symptoms with 3617xs (1.03b) and 918+ (1.04b). I experienced the
  12. "We don't have anyone physically located behind the China Firewall" kinda makes me feel better. Sort of...
  13. I hope they're not playing Peng Shuai at the Synology Open in Beijing
  14. I totally understand and agree with you. Maybe your standard response post to people requesting images could include a link to instructions about how to build their own image (if these are available anywhere). I guess the GH from @ThorGroup? Or maybe the GH from @tossp? (just my 2¢) Best, -a-