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  1. Hi, What's the best CPU for an xpen rig (among the following two)? - i7 4770S 4cores/8threads. Passmark : 6836 (single thread: 2146). (Intel HD4600) - i3 8100 4cores/4threads. Passmark : 6129 (single thread: 2242). (Intel UHD630) considers the 8100 as 3% faster Thank you very much in advance for your feedback. Best, -a-
  2. Hi I have a DS414 running DSM 6.2.4-something and I would like to migrate it to an xpen rig for more flexibility. However, AFAIU XPEnology currently supports DSM up to 6.2.3, right? I guess there is no way for me to do what I want right now. There is no way to downgrade DSM to 6.2.3, right? I guess I need to wait for XPEnology to support 6.2.4 or higher, right? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Best, -a- PS: How often does XPEnology updates its loaders? I guess it is not so frequent obviously, right?
  3. It worked all right apparently :) I performed the migration and my settings were retained. Thanks a lot @flyride. I hope I will enjoy stability for a long time on this rig ;) I guess my next challenge will be when xpen will support a more recent version of DSM and upgrading will become possible/necessary. Thanks again :) -a-
  4. One thing is for sure is that it doesn't make any sense to bond 1GbE connections except if you have multiple clients that need to access the NAS at 1GbE each. In your case, local clients would probably(*) go through the 10GbE and potential clients outside your LAN would have their bandwidth limited by your internet connection anyway. (*)I don't know how incoming connections are managed when multiple Ethernet connections are available. This is an interesting topic, though.
  5. If you plan to connect your PC to your NAS using 10GbE via a 10GbE switch, I don't see any reason to add a redundant slower connection (1x 1GbE or bond of multiple 1GbE). It would not allow the PC to connect to the NAS via the slower connection. It would allow the NAS to connect to the LAN (and web) via both connections, maybe... So it could be some kind of a redundant connection in case your NAS 10GbE NIC fails? I mean, if the switch fails there are no longer any functional connection anyways... I may be completely wrong, though. I'd be interested to read other replies
  6. Thank you so much for everything you are doing I'll try option 2 soon (Still waiting on splitters for sATA power connectors). I'll report here Best, -a-
  7. I took a 2nd spare drive and connected it into each of the remaining 10 sATA ports in my rig (DSM is installed on the 1st drive connected to sATA3-0 on the MB). Here is what I got after testing all 11 sATA ports: All of them are detected in DSM. The sATA ports on the JMB585 are hot-swap capable. The ones on the MB aren't. In DSM, the xpen 918+ has 16 slots for drives. The 1st drive was assigned to slot 1. That's the drive I initially installed DSM on. Then, every time I added a drive it was assigned to the next slot. I ended up with the follow
  8. OK, I get it. Thanks for explaining how to proceed I had installed the system with only 1 drive as a test. Now I need to see if I can find any other spare drives and if/how they show up if I add them to this test setup... right? EDIT: HDD hot-swap (or hot-plug) isn't supported apparently on the MB sATA ports. sATA ports on the JMB585 are hot-swap capable, though.
  9. Thanks @flyride. I'm sorry but it seems that like @merve04 I am not savvy enough to understand what your post meant on the thread that you linked. I don't know how to determine what controller is enumerated 1st nor how the ports get enumerated on the controllers. AFAIU I should have only 2 options for SataPortMap, right? Either SataPortMap=65 or SataPortMap=56 ... The onboard 6 sATAIII ports are labelled as SATA3-0 to SATA3-5. I guess they are enumerated in that order, right? Now for the JMB585, ports are labelled as SATA1 to SATA5 but some ports are posi
  10. My next step would be now to remove the test HDD that I used for initial testing and replace it with the 8 HDDs that contain the system and data that were present on my previous DS1812+ (now dead). Now I have the following questions: - I don't know exactly what version of DSM in installed on these disks. I know it must be 6.2.3-something but I cannot guarantee its 6.2.3-25426 Update 3. Is this going to be a problem? - The SN specified on my loader (USB dongle) will not match the one currently present in DSM installed on these 8 disks. How much of an issue will that be
  11. OK :) I was able to install DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 and play a little bit with it. As recommended, I didn't set up QuickConnect. Could I use ExternalAccess (DDNS), though? I noticed that in Security/Advanced I cannot activate Spectre and Meltdown Protection. I mean I can check the box and then I'm prompted to restart the rig but after rebooting and logging back in the checkbox is still unchecked. Is that normal? Tx -a-
  12. Now Synology Assistant can find all the DSes on my LAN except the XPEnology rig I am currently trying to install... Thoughts?
  13. "What about using Synology QuickConnect and other Synology based services?" Is there a list anywhere of what I should not use in order to stay within the guidelines? I believe I can live without QC (although it would have bees convenient) since I can remotely access a PC on my LAN and then access to the XPenology rig from this PC. Now I would definitely need to ability to receive email alerts and notifications from this rig (loss of connection, any problem with the RAID array, S.M.A.R.T. reports, ...). Is this something that also relies on proprietary IP from Synology?
  14. Thank you very much @flyride I'll read the threads you linked with attention. I am currently testing with the USB dongle and 1 blank HDD. My 1st trial was positive since my XPenology rig was found among all the other DSes on my LAN, no problem. Then I went for the install but, rookie mistake, I forgot to chose manual install and went for the default install. I guess it installed the current version of DSM (which is probably not supported by xpen, yet). After the 10 minutes countdown, my rig was unreachable. I tried to start over (erased the HDD, booted on the USB dongle,