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  1. Hi I see red pill is moving forward quite efficiently AFAICT. I am currently experiencing several issues with my xpen rigs running the Jun's loader (1.03b / 1.04b). Apparently they may be due to issues with drivers... (who knows, actually?) I was wondering if I can hope that upgrading to red pill when it's ready may solve these problems or if red pill will be very similar to the current solution drivers-wise. Thank you very much in advance for your help. Best, -a-
  2. I tried replacing the PSU but the problem remains
  3. @flyride I thought my issue was solved but it isn't. The machine seemed now stable but I realized it doesn't survive a reboot. Here is what happens: - 1st reboot : machine is no longer detected (Synology Assistant) and I cannot connect to it. -> hard reset : Synology Assistant report connection issue/failure (I don't remember) and offers to setup network parameters (DHCP or manual) but none of them solves the problem. the machine is not reachable -> 2nd hard reset (without changing any network parameter) : The machine seems to boot fine
  4. ok @IG-88, @flyride, I tried the following. (I guess it's pretty similar to what I tried and reported above on June 29th) I changed the MB (z68-based -> Z77-based) I changed the RAM (for no reason, just used the one that was present on the new MB) I changed the NIC (broadcom AIC -> onboard NIC on the new MB) This new MB was previously used in another xpen rig and was able to reboot/shutdown just fine. I didn't need to migrate or anything (DS3617xs xpen running DSM6.2.3), DSM booted up flawlessly as if I didn't change anything (I still wi
  5. Maybe a final question to @flyride Why is there a limit for NIC ports? What would happen if I set "maxlanport" to, let's say, 200? If I had enough Ethernet ports, could I use more than 4? Could I aggregate like 5, 6 or 8 ports, for instance? Thanks -a-
  6. OK. I can confirm that the origin of my problem was probably a driver incompatibility or something under DS3617xs (loader 1.03b). After upgrading the hardware to support DS918+ (loader 1.04b) the system is stable with these 4-ports NICs. Thanks -a- PS: How can I mark this topic as solved now?
  7. Of course! how could I not immediately have thought about sudo... This shows my lack of regular use of linux since a very (very) long time. Thanks a lot -a-
  8. I get this when I try to SSH into my xpen: Then if I try to use vi to edit /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf it says the file is read-only
  9. nope... not here. I guess it's one of these things were I need to access the DS via SSH. I only did that a few times (under guidance) and I'm not familiar with it but I 'll get used to it
  10. Thanks. Synoboot1... I assume it is the name of the device corresponding to the USB loader, right? Where should I enter these commands? In the Grub command line environment? I guess I should omit the "#" right? Excuse the fact that I am not (yet) familiar with CLI. AFAIU "#" is used to comment things in files containing code. I'm not familiar with vi either but I'll learn. Thanks again -a-
  11. Thanks Yes I migrated from 103b 3617xs to 1.04b 918+. I don't know what maxlanport is, so I didn't change anything. I'll google that and see if I can find information. Or maybe you can point to a link if you have time. Thanks a lot -a-
  12. @flyride, @IG-88 ever heard of quad-port NICs where only 2 ports are detected before? Thanks -a-
  13. Hi As described in this post (Note 4), I understand that once the USB loader is made I can still edit parameters (like vid, pid, mac address, ...) by: - pressing C in the Grub Boot Menu It is explained how to edit parameters. AFAIU, this method can also be used to add parameters (e.g. missing mac addresses). Please correct me if I misunderstood. Now, I wonder how to remove parameters. For, instance if I want to delete set mac2=..., set mac3=... etc.. How should I do it? Is it possible from this Grub command line environment? Or do I need to e
  14. OK... AFAICU from this post, set netif_num= should not matter too much since it should automagically be corrected according to what is declared as set mac1=, set mac2= etc... (I still wonder what would happen if grub.cfg sets more mac addresses than there are actual physical LAN ports, though. For instance if 4 macs are set in grub.cfg while only one LAN port is present. In this case netif_num would be 4) Anyways. I decided to migrate the rig to 1.04b (918+) using supported hardware: 4770k z87-express based MB Same PSU, same disks and same RAM
  15. By reading a bit more, I just realized that grub.cfg contains the following argument: set netif_num=1 I wonder if this could be the source of all my problems with my NICs. I never touched it (left "=1" while I have multiple LAN ports. Were can I find more information about what it does and how I am supposed to set it up. Especially when the onboard LAN is disabled. Does it still count as one or not? Thanks a lot for your help. best, -a-