1.02b-15152 'loader'

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Hi All


If you read my thread about the boot loader updating itself you will understand.



I've assembled a revised 'boot loader' that has been updated to 15152 (6.1.3) and should be able to be used to 'reflash' a damaged USB without the risk of version errors and also a clean build.

This is based on Jun's 1.02b (DS3615 only) with the v3.2 extra.lzma file from @IG-88 and apart from my vid/pid changes is otherwise unchanged.


Process Used:-

Created a new image incorporating v3.2 extra.lzma and my vid/pid with OFSMount

Flashed a new USB with that image

Booted system, found as 6.1-15047

Install DSM 6.1-15047 to HDD

Manual update to 6.1.3-15152

Shutdown/remove HDD/reboot to check - came up as 6.1.3-15152 'uninstalled'

Created boot .img file from the updated USB disk

Flashed a  different USB with this image (changed vid/pid) and booted - came up as 6.1.3-15152- uninstalled.


Putty Serial output all looked ok with no serious errors


I've put a copy of this in a dropbox folder for others to check/test, its a zip file to extract.

Note that I had to choose UEFI boot partition 1 for the USB to boot .


Note that this is purely an exercise to help and is not meant to replace the forum ratified loaders and any use is at your own risk, so please test before use and backup any critical data.

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