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  1. have you set mac1 and mac2 addresses for both adapters?
  2. sbv3000

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    personally I am sticking with 6.1 at the moment, imho 6.2 is still late beta, as this thread shows. I'm testing it myself, but wont be upgrading my live systems yet
  3. I would not recommend running XPE/DSM in a 'Production' business environment, its not 'designed' for that. Check out FreeNAS, NAS4Free or (best option and closest to DSM) Open Media Vault. (OMV). If your CTO/CIO is happy for you to use 'pirate' software ( ) then your best option might be disable the onboard broadcom NICs, install a dual port Intel (you probably have loads in the spares box) and work with that
  4. sbv3000

    To SHR or not SHR, that is the question

    if you are a 'newbie' to NAS/RAID etc, enable SHR and stick with that. Its software raid, but flexible adding disks of different sizes, data recovery, volume management etc.
  5. sbv3000

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    you dont mention the brand of the add-on card/controller, but check that raid is disabled ( set IT or JBOD mode) and the ide ports are too. Not an expert but I think the drivers/modules in the 3615 image are different to the 918, maybe the 918 version behaves differently. Also, try setting the sataportmap to default.
  6. sbv3000

    Can't access server, no putty, no interface.

    check the boot loader version - looks like you created a 6.2 one. if you use a 6.1 loader it should be ok
  7. sbv3000

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    download the file from the 'driver extension' post and replace the extra.lzma file as part of creating the usb boot disk, as in the tutorial
  8. sbv3000

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    just follow the 5.2/6.1 bare metal tutorial
  9. sbv3000

    Can't access server, no putty, no interface.

    does the server have an idrac port? you can check boot status from there. also maybe try a new boot usb, disconnect your raid drives and boot with that and see if you get the server back. if yes then might point to a 'corrupt' dsm installation. you could then boot with the new usb and raid reeconnected and it should appear 'migratable' and you reinstall the dsm version.
  10. have a look at your router to see if it supports both DDNS and can be a VPN server. That could be the best option, depending on the vpn options on the router you connect via a client or windows vpn client, then you have access to your entire lan securely. also, depending on the router vpn options, you could add mac address filtering to only allow your laptop to connect remotely
  11. sbv3000

    Is this old hardware too slow?

    That might be SMB or AFS issues then
  12. Try a telnet session check the pci devices and dmesg output to see whats going on with the drivers/modules. I'm using several syba branded cards using the marvell 9235 chipset on 5.2, 6.1 and 6.2, works fine and afaik the 9215 uses the same driver/module so it should work. You could try a 5.2 boot, there are more drivers in that version. Post some more info about your mobo too, might help diagnostics. You could also try disabling any unused devices on the mobo; sound, parallel, IDE etc. I've seen situations where pci devices dont work because of no resources, if you dmesg the 6.1 you might see some error messages.
  13. sbv3000

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I have an Asrock j3455 with similar bios, works ok with mbr / non-uefi Try Bios> Advanced> Enable Legacy USB support Then try Boot> Device and see if the legacy USB appears
  14. sbv3000

    Is this old hardware too slow?

    I've had realtek issues myself where speed starts high but suddenly drops. How are you measuring the traffic? DSM widgets are not that 'accurate' you probably need an snmp monitor for truer readings. I mentioned the hdd because in my experience, a slower drive 'cant keep up' with the rest of the system, maybe you could try an SSD or 7200 spare drive to help diagnostics?
  15. sbv3000

    New Xpenolgy build

    Read the tutorials, its all there for an upgrade from older versions. I would do a thorough test of your hardware, with a spare hdd and your raid drives disconnected to make sure it all works. Use 6.1 loader. If possible, do a test upgrade from the older version.