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  1. ok so its probably not the nics then Have you looked at the folder nfs settings and seeing if adjusting them makes a difference, eg setting async, setting host ip permissions rather than wild cards etc.
  2. what is the brand of nic you are using? I've heard of similar problems to yours with some realtek nics, intel seem better.
  3. Hi All I've several AMD units running 5.2 and with Supermicro SAS boards - mvsas driver, which I know is missing from the 6.0/6.1 base images. Looking to upgrade to 6.0.2 if possible. I've seen that @IG88 and others have created extra.lzma with this driver added, but looking through the threads on this I am not sure which is the current/best extra.lzma version Can someone point me to a download link to that version please and also if any one is using that driver how stable it seems Thanks in advance all
  4. i've got multiple reds, seagates and toshibas in my (several) nas setups, just think that toshes are better value. My longest serving drives (50000 hours) are 2tb toshibas - not nas grade
  5. I think that most of the features of 6.0 and 6.1 are the same unless you are looking at high end features or different processor types and synology will do updates to 6.0 as needed so you should be ok.
  6. you haven't mentioned the spec of your system so though your design should be fine, if you are running plex and other heavy apps then you might be better off running bare metal esxi with virtual dsm and w10 systems rather than several 'layers'.
  7. I've had this on my real DS1812+ and xpe with Seagate disks. When its happened it was an early sign of disk failure - regardless of uptime. In my case I took out the disk and did a thorough test with hdat which picked up bad sectors, mostly in the lower blocks. I did a repair with hdat and the disk seemed to be fine for a few weeks but then it went bad very quickly so I had to replace. Even though the drive was 'repaired' by hdat first time, when I tried it again it was beyond fixing. I use toshiba disks now as they seem more reliable than seagate and 2 year warranty
  8. I'd ditch the video card and wd drives and go with toshiba 4tb 7200's
  9. you might need to install the card in a windows machine and use the raid utility? some utils here too
  10. Is this an AMD system? maybe a compatibility issue or you could check the grub boot menu for your system hasn't changed from the preferred one
  11. it looks like its based on the Marvell chipset which has drivers in XPE5.2, but you might need to disable raid settings on the card bios - set it to jbod/non-raid/it mode, which ever is shown
  12. if your data is important then you should back it up before any upgrades. However, I have updated several bare metal setups from 5.1 to 5.2 (using a method similar to @thecapri) and things were fine.
  13. have you checked the bios for amd settings and disable the cool/quiet option?
  14. 4 drives connected, not noticed a bottleneck with 7200rpm drives, might happen with ssd's though so if you can get a faster one for later updates probably a good plan
  15. admin user is disabled in later dsm, you create a new account with admin rights and use that