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  1. something that jumps out to me is the lack of IRQ resources. In the bios, disable all unnecessary devices; parallel port, sound chip, com2, (if present), additional USB controllers etc
  2. you might need to go the difficult path of attaching a serial port adapter to the onboard header.
  3. Com port redirection in bios advanced ?
  4. try an ubuntu live boot and identify the pci devices to cross check the exact drivers the nic is using vs the extra.lzma also try a serial console connection to check the boot log and see if there are any kernel panics/driver issues.
  5. try the clean drive process in this thread, adjusted for your virtual disks
  6. try a serial port/putty connection to check the full boot loader progress (if you mobo has a serial port). Also try a clean install on a spare hdd to check all your hardware. If thats all ok you could re-attach your raid drives together with the clean hdd and see if that repairs the dsm install on the raid
  7. HW for Basic XPEnology Trial

    everything you list looks like it will work 'out of the box', just follow the standard tutorial
  8. Some thoughts 1) Its unlikely you will get help from Synology, unless its an issue migrating between their hardware 2) Check the drives for jumpers (normally near the power/data connection), as these are older drives there might be options to set various modes, eg speed, emulation 3) Try a setup with a drive that is found by the bios on sata channel 1, plus the other drives on 2-n 4) Try another (add on?) controller 5) Try IDE mode in the bios (XPE/DSM won't work with this, but it might help drive detection elimination) I hope you have a data backup as messing about as above could affect the array/data
  9. as you have <=12 drives then that is the standard 36xx config so no editing is normally necessary. suggest you check your drive enumeration in dsm, looks like you have 14 sata ports (6 onboard+8sas), so the two 'missing' ones might be higher than the 12 default, and your sataport edit is forcing it to work I would attach drives to internal sata 1-6 and check the physical port vs dsm storage manager drive number, then do the same for the channels on the sas controller. Once you know the first 9 channels use them.
  10. DSM 6.1.x Loader

    So it looks like you have 14 drive channels (6+8) but 12 is the default unless syno info.conf is altered but somehow it looks like your sataport edit is fixing it until update. I would check and ensure your 9 drives are connected to the first 9 channels (6 onboard and 3 sas) but you will need to determine the drive numbers/channels in DSM. If your 9 drives are on the first 9 channels seen by DSM no config changes should be needed and no rebuilds on update
  11. If you updating your existing boot drive (via control panel or manual .pat) that would usually retain your customised sataportcfg. How are you doing your updates? Also, what controllers are 'seen' with the default sataportcfg? you may be changing it and dont need to.
  12. DSM Server not listed under network

    Look in; Control Panel > File Services > SMB > Advanced Settings (button) You can set SMB versions, WINS, master browser etc.
  13. DSM Server not listed under network

    try setting/resetting the smb version settings in file services, min/max versions and permutations.
  14. DSM Server not listed under network

    check the versions of windows running on the 3 machines, possible that an update has changes the network discovery/browsing features. You could try resetting them as well. Another test is to ping the server IP and dns name, both should resolve but if only the ip does, then there is a dns/name resolution issue on the PC
  15. Asrock QC5000M-ITX/PH and XPEnology?

    correct, you should update your mac address settings.