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I am encountering a weird issue with my server (hp n54l baremetal).

It has been working for years with no issues at all with DSM5.2


Two days ago I was thinking to backup my booting USB in case it might fail one day and if I wanted to finally update to 6.x

So I turned of my server, remover the usb drive and tried to back it up with my laptop. I say tried because each time the software I use gave me an error saying it could not do it.

Then I gave up and put back the usb drive into my server which booted with no problem...until I wanted to acces one volume (I had 2), but it disappeared!! Nothing!


DSM does not give me any error but thr fact it cannot mount some folders (the ones on this volume).

This volume is a raid 1 of two drives.


Here what I did and check by order:

-bios : all drives are detected, including the 2 of the missing volume

-I unplugged the drives and tried others wit no luck (still detected by the bios but not DSM)

-I plugged them an another machine : they are detected.

-fdsik -l : does not post the missing drives

-So I decided, what the hell lets update to DSM6.1, maybe something wrong with the usb drive I tried to clone. I used a brand new usb drive, loader 1.02b...etc migration done with no issue, but still the missing volume!!

-OK then, let's do a clean install ... still, the two drives are missing ...

-I put the drives in an old 710+, and they are detected perfectly


I am out of ideas, could it be hardware while the drives are detected by the bios?

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