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With the NanoBoot- release my network card Realtek 8111 has stopped working.

When you boot into the update mode, Synology Assistant recognizes my system and assigns an IP. After installing the .pat file and rebooting to the normal mode, network card stops working. Booting with 'rmmod=r8168,r8169_new insmod=r8169' command doesn't help.

With the NanoBoot- release everything worked well.

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Why do you need to run Nanoboot in upgrade mode when upgrading Nanoboot? To upgrade Nanoboot, just copy the boot image to a USB drive and boot your system. You only need to run Nanoboot in upgrade mode when installing an updated .pat file. Or are you saying you are updating Nanoboot and a new .pat file at the same time?


I solved my 8111F problem with 'rmmod=r8168,r8169_new insmod=r8169'


Do you know which kernel driver you were using under NanoBoot- SSH in when running NanoBoot- and run 'lspci -v'


My system showed me I was running r8169 and that's why 'rmmod=r8168,r8169_new insmod=r8169' worked for me. Others were telling me to run with 'rmmod=r8169,r8169_new insmod=r8168'


My NIC was giving me trouble for both Nanoboot and gnoBoot, until I tried insmod=r8169. Trantor's builds had always worked on this particular motherboard but he doesn't have a DSM 5 release.

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I´ve installed latest DSM and Nanoboot native on a HP54L.

Question: can i simple edit menu_nano.lst


kernel /zImage ihd_num=0 netif_num=4 syno_hw_version=DS3612xs sn=xxxxxxxxx vid=0x0EA0 pid=0x2168 loglevel=0 vga=0x305


with my usb stick vid and pid to hide the stick in the dsm? I don´t found syslinux.cfg in the native img file.

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I was previously trying to run gnoBoot on XenServer. Any chance you could add Xen virt drivers in future build? Currently nanoboot cant find NICs and HDDs.. ... mU_Support


There might be another issue, virtualized HDD will be /dev/xvda.. /dev/xvdb .. etc.. instead of /dev/sda ...


If needed I can provide testing, etc..


Thank you





There's even a standard configuration for Synology KVM builds in the kernel! But my kernel build does not seem to start. I will investigate that, if I have some time to spare.


Even though it's currently possible to run DSM with decent performance on a Xen domU, virtio drivers are still missing in the Nanoboot build. That means you need to turn on Veridian virtualisation and HVM (instead of PV).


Here's a cut down version of my XL configuration:


builder = 'hvm'
name = "synology"
memory = 4096
vcpus = 2
# Nanboot image (first; read-only) and some virtual disk as boot disk to install apps to them
disk = ['file:/etc/xen/images/nanoboot/latest.img,hda,r','file:/etc/xen/images/synology.img,hdb,w']
#boot = 'dc'
vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3E:58:D7:8A,bridge=xenbr0,model=e1000' ]
# No virtio tty (=console) drivers => Use VNC as a console replacement
vnc = 1
# ACPI and APIC events
# Windows virtualization
viridian =1
# PCI passthrough of an Intel SATA controller to get physical disk control
pci = ['00:1f.2']

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Please stop referring to Nanoboot as Trantor Nanoboot. Nanoboot is made by Sancome ... 7-ya4kumFw


Trantor has been nice enough to host the files on his site because the hosting sites used by Sancome had been slow and problematic.



I reread your posts. Are you asking to upgrade from Trantor DSM 5.0-4418 Beta to Trantor DSM 5.0-4493? You can't. Trantor has not released any update to DSM 5.0-4418 Beta.


You can upgrade from Trantor DSM 5.0 4418 Beta to Nanoboot DSM 5.0-4493

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Has nanobot enable ACPI in kernel and module button.ko ?

In my nano 5.0.2 this module no existis, propably Sacome forgot enable ACPI in cfg file before compiling this version :smile:



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I wonder which is the easiest way to upgrade form Nanoboot to


Currently im running Nanoboot on a native N54L. Everything works fine, including my DVB-C Terratec Syncergy HTC Stick with TVHeadend.

I wanted to upgrade from DSM 5.0-4482 to 4493, but the inline upgrade didn't work. I guess Nanoboot is required right?


Is it safe/possible to perform the following?


- create/boot from new nanoboot stick (

- inline upgrade to from 4482 to 4493


thx in advance


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Hello all,

I recently updated from gnoboot to latest nanoboot with DSM 4493 but I noticed a decrease of my network speed.

Before update a copy from my HP N40L was 120MBs approx and now 70-75MBs :sad:

Any idea ?

It's not critical but annoying.

Thanks guys.

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I've recently upgraded from Trantor DSM 4.3-3810 to Nanoboot DSM 5.0-4493 Update 1.

Is there any way to check if disk hibernation works?

In Trantor 4.3 it was shown in journal log, in 5.0 there is no messages about hibernation.

Is it OK or means hibernation not working?

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