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  1. In the process of resetting my admin password, I somehow lost it. I am not sure how as I immediately put it into my lastpass but in anycase thats where I find myself. I tried to guess what it was but proceeded to lock myip out. When I built this NAS I disabled the built in admin account and made myself a replacement admin level account, and this replacement is the account that I do not know the password to. I am using juns loader 918 I have physical access kb, display etc. Earlier bootloaders you could reset an account at boot .. is that still possible?
  2. From what I was able to determine it actually is boosting. You can tell by looking for it running at 3601 Mhz. That extra 1 indicated that turbo is active. Since that sounded like a load of BS to me I decided to run a benchmark. The benchmark came came with a value that I would have expected only with turbo active, thus I am now convinced that Turbo is actually kicking in.
  3. i have a 9900 on a z390 systemboard. It's been a while since I tried m2 in xpenology, but when i tested both slots were working. Heck, I use an NVME on a pcie card now and it works fine.
  4. This issue is bewildering to me. I built a test xpenology system and it worked first try. I tried it on my main system once again, and it worked this time. I moved over a couple VMs to NFS storage on my main system, and everything is working perfectly. A week later I go to use a VM and it has read errors and cannot be restarted. sure enough, the NFS share is no longer available to vsphere and can not be re-established. I didn't change any network config, nor NFS share permissions, nothing at all on vsphere or synology that I can recall. I can still connect to the same NFS s
  5. I have not had any luck yet. I wonder if it is an issue with 918+? I have not been able to scare up any spare hardware to build a test xpenology yet either
  6. It doesn't think the CPU is a j3455, it is just that the info screen you are looking at is not build via a query, it is just a textual representation of the CPU that synology knows they installed in there. it is costemetic. I am surprised you have issue with your LSI SAS card. Mine works without issue.
  7. I can confirm on my 918+ xpenology system with 2 port 10 gig E intel card I see both NICs (my motherboard NIC is disabled)
  8. jmb585 worked without issue in ESXi 6.7u3? and 7.0u1 in my limited testing
  9. Thank you for testing! I used a 918+ image, same for you? I will build a test NAS on the weekend.
  10. I am trying to use remote/shared storage to facilitate vmotion between two esxi hosts. thus I am trying to mount an NFS share hosted on my XPE box as a datastore on both of my hosts. I believe I worded that correctly, but I admit that I don't understand your comment as I don't understand how else esxi can access an NFS share. Xpenology side Control Panel - file services, NFS and NFS4.1 checked to enable. NFS advanced settings at default. Control Panel - shared folder, created a share "NFS" NFS Permissions, added 2 entries, one for each host, by single IP, Read/Write, squa
  11. Is anyone using xpenology to supply NFS for esxi 7? I was not able to make it work. It does work as expected on my real Synology 1815+ running DSM beta 7.0, but no matter what I tried I could not get the esxi host to add a datastore on the XPEnology NAS. I can use nfs v3 and v4 to my real synology. if you are able to make it work I would appreciate some feedback.
  12. I ran this exact system on xpenology for years, rock solid. Internal NIC was fine in my experience.
  13. Thanks IG-88 I used teh supplied i915 to get plex transcoding working on my 6.23 U3 system. The only thing not working is the HDR transcoding, but that has requirements not yet available in Synology. OPenCL and Beignet.
  14. I didn't realize it was well known that update 3 was a new kernal and replaced all these drivers. I understant that this is always a possibility, and was lookingto point out that it did happen. I really do appreciate your assistance and will provide feedback on if the modified U3 version of i915.ko works. PS I am sure you notices but in case you didn't, the U3 build notes speak to fixing an issue with SAS and shutdown. Not necisarily exactly the issue that you were working on earlier (SAS and drive sleep) but I wonder if the changes in U3 help there? the newer JM585 cards largely
  15. This is the i915.ko (from /usr/lib/modules) , dated much later than the update 2 files, from my 918+ system post upgrade to Version: 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 I am not sure if I can simply replace it in /usr/lib/modules with your modified file from update2? i915.ko