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xpenology supply NFS to esxi 7 datastore?



Is anyone using xpenology to supply NFS for esxi 7?

I was not able to make it work. It does work as expected on my real Synology 1815+ running DSM beta 7.0, but no matter what I tried I could not get the esxi host to add a datastore on the XPEnology NAS. I can use nfs v3 and v4 to my real synology.


 if you are able to make it work I would appreciate some feedback.

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I am trying to use remote/shared storage to facilitate vmotion between two esxi hosts. thus I am trying to mount an NFS share hosted on my XPE box as a datastore on both of my hosts. I believe I worded that correctly, but I admit that I don't understand your comment as I don't understand how else esxi can access an NFS share.


Xpenology side

Control Panel - file services, NFS and NFS4.1 checked to enable. NFS advanced settings at default.

Control Panel - shared folder, created a share "NFS" NFS Permissions, added 2 entries, one for each host, by single IP, Read/Write, squash>no mapping, Asyncronous>Yes, Non-priv port>Denied, Cross-mount>Allowed

Control Panel, Info Center, service, confirmed NFS enabled and firewall exception in place. 


vmWare side

html5 client login as root to the esxi host

navigate to storage - datastores - click new datastore

Mount NFS datastore


NFS server: (ip of my xpenology system)

NFS share: /volume2/NFS (case sensitive path to my NFS share as detailed in dsm-control panel-shared folder-NFS share, NFS permissions on bottom)

NFS 3 , or NFS 4 (tried both)


create NFS datastore task starts up, running, Failed - an error occurred during host configuration


error bar message: failed to mount NFS datastore DS2_NFS - Operation failed, diagnostics report:Mount failed:unable to complete Sysinfo Operation. Please see the vmkernal log file for more details.:unable to connect to NFS server


host - monitor - logs - 

2021-01-02T23:38:54.839Z cpu0:2100027 opID=9c4e526e)NFS: 162: Command: (mount) Server: ( IP: ( Path: (/volume2/NFS) Label: (DS2_NFS) Options: (None)

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This issue is bewildering to me.

I built a test xpenology system and it worked first try.

I tried it on my main system once again, and it worked this time. I moved over a couple VMs to NFS storage on my main system, and everything is working perfectly. A week later I go to use a VM and it has read errors and cannot be restarted. sure enough, the NFS share is no longer available to vsphere and can not be re-established.

I didn't change any network config, nor NFS share permissions, nothing at all on vsphere or synology that I can recall.

I can still connect to the same NFS share from my backup synology, so the share is actually available, I just can't use it from vsphere .....



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