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  1. hello i'm instereted for this mobo, but i have one question, anyone has tried to run HEVC video with ? does it work with plex for this in example ? thx
  2. ton firmware de 214play, tu arrives a exploiter la sortie hdmi ? (j'imagine que c'est pour ça)
  3. is there any way to have r8192u for usb dlink dwa 130 rev b ? on nanoboot. cause kernel doesnt work :/ (on last release) thx
  4. Hi all, i have one question i'm actually on Trantor 4.3 dsm 3810 beta5 i wanna migrate to nanoboot last release, also in 5.0 4493 it is possible to do this without wiping all my data ? (i dont care about config, but i have no space to backup data) . i have read many time it's impossible to go from 4.3 to 5 without losing data. i'm looking for any information about this. thx you. thx for your response.
  5. Hi, i have readden on the top of the topic, what if i updated dsm 4.3 to dsm 5 with gnoboot, it will erase data. it just with dsm 5 beta or dsm 5 in all case ? i have trantor 4.3 beta 6 and i want to upgrade to dsm 5 (for many driver reason) can someone confirm, data erase it's only when migrate in beta ? thx :--)
  6. coulb be usefull to have usb-snd-audio works to add USB audio card DiskStation> insmod /lib/modules/snd-usb-audio.ko insmod: can't insert '/lib/modules/snd-usb-audio.ko': unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter DiskStation> ls /lib/modules/ | grep audio snd-usb-audio.ko
  7. They talk about kernel 3.10, I use backports from kernel 3.12... Does the official synology modules works ok with your card ? Files from official 4.3 hda1 : http://xpenology.trantor.be/beta/rt2800-wifi.7z EDIT: Or just don't use wifi with your NAS ^^ thx for your answer i know it about 3.10 but i have exactly the same message. official snyology modules works perfect in 4.2 and 4.3 on my little NAS ds110j with my usb wifi key. also about ax88179 driver : it seems to be not OK, when i'm charging driver, (insmod usbnet/ insmod ax88179..), i have no erreur, but Synology O
  8. This is why I didn't want to add wifi drivers in the first place. The wifi stack on linux is not easy to use. All the wifi drivers are the latest from kernel 3.12. Like I said wifi modules have often dependency, you need to load them in a particular order: insmod cfg80211.ko insmod mac80211.ko insmod rt2x00lib.ko insmod rt2x00usb.ko insmod rt2800lib.ko insmod rt2800usb.ko You get your wifi card detected. the problem is not detecting, it's performance bench,it cause many disconnect. my card is correctly detected by many error like this in dmesg : [14511.184342] ie
  9. ok interesseting i'll take care of that to test, cause now i'm just looking if module was up cause it's normaly works with synology classic firmware.
  10. I will add all modules in next beta. Boot on ubuntu livecd to find out which modules you need. Can you try without your SYBA controller (based on ASMedia ASM1061) ? If the error still present remove the IDE drive to test. Will be added in next beta See next post about SCSi/SAS controllers thx for your answers, i have tested your new wifi beta rt2800usb driver, it make some error, so i'm waiting for your next thx for your good job
  11. i'm looking for someone have 88179 driver for DSM43 cause i' have seen it was in the release but i dont found the module :/
  12. hello pour ma part les settings bios ont l'air OK, mais le redémarrage auto ne fonctionne plus, mon syno reste en permanence sur l'état en cours de démarrage, si je fais un reset avec le bouton le syno démarre correctement...
  13. with synoboot pre v1.1 v3 driver for ax8879 is not present driver fro rt28000usb doesn't work
  14. i'm looking for this driver , but when i put insmod for usbnet it don't work, how could i fix this problem ?
  15. do you think it could be possible to have HDMI output work ? on H61MV ITX asrock (intel HD grpahics ? )