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  1. The Hex file is a firmware for the microprocessor of 89C2051. It needs an Universal Programmer to program the Hex file to microprocessor's internal EEPROM. The 89C2051 communicates with DSM through COM1 port. For examples, if RAID crash, DSM will send out a signal to COM1. After 89C2051 received this signal, the Err_LED will light on and a alert sound is generated.
  2. One day, I brought a Buffalo TS-QVHL Terastation NAS from flea market. It costs $13 USD only. The specification of Terastation is quite good. CPU: Intel Atom D510 Dual-core 1.66 GHz RAM: 2GB Number of USB 3.0 Ports: 2 Number of Total Expansion Bays: 4 BL03.jpg[/attachment] Firmware: NASBUF2.zip
  3. It is possible to add a reset button and send out a reset command, but I haven't test this function yet.
  4. version 0.8 - Press power button 2S for normal shutdown - Press power button over 10S for emergency shutdown (as power off MB) - CPU fan below 922rpm or SYS fan below 692rpm, send fan fail command and shutdown command recommend to disable Soft Power off option on BIOS (holding 4 seconds). NAS8.zip
  5. It's Great!!! It's really work. No unmount HDD problem now! Thanks!
  6. I've created a circuit for Power LED, Status LED, Beep sound and Power Button. I found that the circuit is working properly on gnoboot. With using nanoboot, it is not working if no DSM installed. After DSM is up, it becomes work proper. It seems some different with gnoboot.
  7. First of all, thanks to sancome. I am looking forward to hearing you are working on 5.0-4482. It's a good news!
  8. Sancome recommended to share with this link http://www.colafile.com/u/sancome
  9. The lastest version is which works fine with DSM 5.0-4458 http://nanoboot.tk/ 1. boot faster than gnoboot 2. able to customize mac address 3. able to customize SN 4. able to customize synoboot of VID & PID 5. provided x64 & x86 versions 6. works fine with transcode of photo station and video station 7. tested Contex DTV-01 DMB-TH USB stick works fine in video station Edit syslinux.cfg for customizing mac address, SN, VID&PID. EDIT by Trantor: I just uploaded latest nanoboot release to my download server. I will update it when sancome release new versi