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Hi fellow XPenologists,

Below is the list of packages i use on my NAS. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as i am.

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I just tested them all on my DS2413+ and here are the Cedarview packages available from the working repos:
BitlBee, BitTorrent Sync, COPS, SouchPotato Server, CouchPotato Server Custom, DarkStat, Debian Chroot, Feng Office, Full-Text RSS, GateOne, Git, HAProxy, Headphones, HTPC-Manager, LazyLibrarian, LIRC, MantisBT, Maraschino, Memcached, Midnight Commander, Mylar, NZB Config, NZBGet, ownCloud, Python, Redis, Roundcube Webmail, SABnzbd, Selfoss, Sickbeard, Sickbeard Custom, Subliminal, Tiny Tiny RSS, Transmission, Tvheadend, uMurmur, ZNC
BicBucStriim, Disk Utils, ejabberd, FlexGet, Horde, jappix, Mutt, Newsnab, NZBGet Testing, NZBMegasearcH, Python3, Ruby, ruTorrent, SquidGuard, Subversion, Vim, XDM
Funambool, Java SE Embedded, MediaInfo, Openfire IM Server, Shellinabox, Web Console, YAMJ
Bliss, Craftbukkit, CrashPlan, CrashPlan PRO, CrashPlan PROe client, CrashPlan PROe server, Java SE Embedded 6/7/8, Minecraft, OpenRemote, Serviio,
OpenKM, Owl DMS, SMS Orange, SMS Plus, Squid, Webcam 4.1/4.2/4.3
Advanced Power Manager, autorun, BubbleUPnP Server, Cronjob editor, DDNS updater, Growler, Init 3rdparty, Init 3rdparty Help, iPKGui, MailStation Plus, MLDonkey, Multi-IPX800 Server, MusicIP Server, net2ftp, Noitification Essentials, Notification Forwarder, Notification Messenger, OwnCloud, PHP Net_Growl Library, phpMyBackupPro, phpPgAdmin, Plugin VideoStation FR, Rootkit Hunter, Serviio Console, SQL Buddy, String Editor, Subsonic, Subsonic-backup-creator, Synology Monitoring Tool, traccar, tvstreamrecord, Webmin
CouchPotato, Headphones,
Auto-Sub Bootstrap Bill, CouchPotato, Gamez, JSMusicDB, LazyLibrarian-1, MovieGrabber, PlexConnect, SicBeard ThePirateBay, SpotWeb, TraktForBoxee, XDM
Synology Monitoring Tool
ffmpeg, Headphones Custom, Node.js, PlexConnect, Pydio, SynoDNLAtrakt, Webogram
Static Photo Gallery, SynoMiner
Syno PHP Auth   Mirror:
AutoIndex, BBClone, FSyncMS, Midnight Commander, Network UPS Tools, SPK-Repo
SubtitlesSH: Download subtitles for movies  -
Dropbox Client for Synology
Open Zwave: Home Automation
MiniSAPServer, pyLoad, udpxy

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Synocommunity seems to migrate their servers and I cannot add any packages.

Do you have some backup repository where I could DL synocommunity packages?

I tried the packages from Super Zebulon but they cannot run... Before to move from ESXI to HyperV, Synocommunity packages were working fine.



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Yeah this is unfortunate -_- i don't feel to good about adding all these other random sources to be honest


Same for me, I dont want to add only issues cause of bad packages. I didn't find any communications about synocommunity migration length...

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I have compiled for Bromolow (I use HP N40L with AMD CPU) and that is working fine. :smile:


AMAZING! You're the best.

I will take it tonight from home.

If you have transmission, I would be interested as well.


Thanks again!




Diaoul commented 21 hours ago

On my side I'm actively working on the new repo and I'll push it to GitHub (spkrepo) as soon as I get most of the features working. ETA is 2-3 days.

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If people are interested I compiled the SPKs from the most used packages of SynoCommunity for myself so I can share them. :smile:


If you can share I will honour you until the end of time.

Hope you compiled for amd64 cpu... :-|


I have compiled for Bromolow (I use HP N40L with AMD CPU) and that is working fine. :smile:



My hero. *swoon

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