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  1. The guide listed requires the VMWare ESXI environment to be installed on the microserver first. It's up to you if you want to do that. I don't bother with a VM and installed xpenology directly onto the microserver. This requires a USB stick to hold the boot image.
  2. Hopefully there won't be a PAT file switcheroo this time
  3. I am using 5644 on a N54L and mine is now working fine so it is possible. I didn't do anything over and above that described in this thread so check your setup again.
  4. Mine's now restored. The /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/ files had been removed as had the acpid executable. Once restored then we're back in business.
  5. 5644 has stopped the power-off button working on my N54L too.
  6. Yes, just applied update 1 via the control panel and all works fine.
  7. Or, if you've jumped quite a few updates then check your media folders are still being indexed. One of the 5592 releases reset the indexed folder list. Control Panel-> Media Indexing (System) ->Indexed folder tab
  8. andywhit

    Reset system

    Can't you login to DSM or the console and shut it down from there ? Or use the DS finder app if the box is connected to a LAN which you have Wifi access to.
  9. There is a thread specifically for this release. The advise on that thread is not to install the release until the Xpenoboot team have produced a working image. Whenever Synology produce an update, don't go blindly applying it. Always check on here first, lots of people try the releases out on testbed systems and report back as to whether they need specific work or not.
  10. Are you logging in as root ? If not, do that, same p/w as the admin user.
  11. There should be a login prompt at the end of all the Linux text. Try pressing the enter key if you don't see a login: prompt.
  12. Can't you plug a monitor/keyboard into the N54L and login direct on the console ? Then make the changes specified in that thread.
  13. No SATA, that kind of stuffs things up doesn't it ?
  14. All updates using the web interface, select the manual install option, browse to the PAT file (which you've downloaded and placed on a PC or somewhere DSM can see) and install.
  15. No data loss at all. Update 3 did reset the DLNA media folder settings though, but very simple to reapply. And one of the updates (update 4?) needs you to reboot twice as first time all the volumes are unmounted.
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