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  1. i've managed to get both nics show up but no traffic goes in or out of LAN 2, i have another VM using the same "network" in ESXi running windows 10 and it can transfer/receive data fine so the issue is defintely with XPEnology, any ideas?
  2. hey guys recently installed DSM on my ESXi install, i have tried to add a second nic to the VM but every time i add a second NIC the VM doesn't get past the jun bootloader and never loads DSM, i have changed ifnet_num and added macs but doesn't seem to have helped. set netif_num=2 What am i missing?
  3. Does this still work? having issues getting it working. EDIT: nvm sorted it.
  4. fma965

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    any support for hyper-v?
  5. fma965

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hyper-V support? Any one tested? Also great work OP looks like 6.0 is coming to us in a stable form soon
  6. Yeah permissions need to be re-configured during major upgrades most of the time. Glad it worked.
  7. Hey guys here is my latest set of tutorials, these are designed to be super simple. This guide will allow you to install Synology DSM 4528 with Update 2 This guide won't contain a text guide but instead just a "choose your path" video tutorial. Source: ... tive-Guide (Created by me) Begin by following the video then use the onscreen annotations or the links in the video descriptions to move on to the next part which is appropriate for your install scenario. Required Hardware USB Method 1 USB Drive Atleast 1 HDD DH
  8. Follow the guide in my signature for easy installation guide.
  9. hi i have a problem with trying it this way as i have it installed and booting from a single hdd in my hp proliant n54l micro server so if anyone can help on how i can update it by using a software called winscp to change the relevant info it would be great i hope to hear from you asap on this matter with thanks in advance Since i'm the creator of the Single HDD image he is referring to i have just helped him with his issue on my own website, If any one else on this forum is using the same image then please read the posts in this thread for help on updating by changing the text. http:
  10. Here is my latest guide, Many users say its the most comprehensive guide i have made Enjoy.
  11. ... 6914802897 The key bit being "we use busybox instead of bash" and the following... and
  12. OK here is my latest method for single HDD no USB/ESXi install
  13. Hehe i know right it was such a bitch to find the answer to this problem i spent hours and hours trying to figure it out lol, seems like you did too
  14. Hey guys you remember me from my previous tutorials well i'm back with a new 1 today, this one is for all compatible hardware and installs from scratch DSM 5.0 4493 and even updates it to 4493 - update 4. This guide is a ESXi and Non ESXi guide and contains instructions for both VMDK users and IMG users, Enjoy. Added a video guide to go with the text guide. OUTDATED USE LINK IN NEXT POST -- Here is a extra part of my tutorial, Installing nanoboot on the HDD rather than a USB Drive. -- OUTDATE