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  1. Difference between my setup is I use the sataport=4 options. The rest is the same. Been running stable since the update came out.
  2. Did you get it working? I'm really curious!
  3. Been running stable from last Thursday. Services I'm running: VPN (openvpn), Hyperbackup, webserver. mariadb
  4. Updated to 6.1.3U4 witout problems. Reboot is required.
  5. No. I used a MAC address from a vaild synology system and generated a new mac/sn pair: google if you want know how this is done. I just edited the grub.conf to hold the new information. So no flashing the networkcard on my side. Since my nas is always on, I've never used WOL. Hope it will for you.
  6. So here's what I'm going to do: Preparing - Create usb bootloader, using the standard Jun 1.0.2b synoboot.img. (DONE) - Edit vid, pid to fit my usbdrive (DONE) - Edit mac, serial (taken from current bootloader, which I generated from a real mac adres of synology) (DONE) - Edit sataportmap to sataportmap=4 (DONE) - Download DSM version DSM DS3615xs_15152.pat ( ± 222MB in Size ) (DONE) Booting: - Turn off N54L - Remove Current usbdrive - Place new usbdrive - Boot into Bios - Turn OFF C1E into BIOS - Boot from usb drive with default grub option - - Choose Migrate during installation - Choose DSM version Pat file listed above. - Coffee and wait - And enjoy the freshly installed new version of DSM. Pleaz correct me if I'm wrong
  7. And didi also use the force install option I read in the threads? As well as booting with the system with the first option (so not selecting the AMD boot Option)?
  8. martva

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Due to different reports on succesfull updates to UPdate 7 I wanted to share my experience. - N54L /4GB/ 4* 3TB disks (in SHR raid 5) - Jun 1.01 loader - Started from Version: 6.0.2-8451 Update 6 - Used the standard GUI option to update to Update 7 - Using SHR in my setup Update went succesfull.
  9. I have a N54L as well, with four HDD's. My update went flawlessly. I did however (just to be save) appended the SATAportmap option in the config file.
  10. martva

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    -=SUCCES: BAREMETAL N54L/4HDD/4G=- Followed the instructions here: Changes: Changed the vid= using my own USB VID Changed the pid= using my own USB PID Changed the sn= using my own generated SN Changed the mac1= using my own generated MAC address Changed set timeout='1' to set timeout='10' Changed set default='0' to set default='3' For default AMD bootoption appended SataPortMap=4 After boot I went to Updated from 5.2.5592 to After reboot I lost my static ip settings. I needed to set this manual again. I updated to Update 5 without any problems. I also saw Synology finally released Source code for branche 8451.
  11. Are you connecting with HTTPS? It seems that the chromecast refuses unsigned certificates by default.
  12. martva

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Did you perform an upgrade of DSM5.2 or did you do a clean install?
  13. Looking at Qnap, they released there source code 4 months after the release of QTS4.2.0. Let's just hope Synology will not take a long.
  14. This is Synology's answer on my claim that they are in voilation of the GPL License, Thank you for contacting Synology. I can assure you that we are not in violation of the General Public Licenses as there no stipulation on 'when' the source code for newer versions of DSM have to be released, only that the open source parts must be made public. To that extent, we are fully aware of our obligations and at this moment in time I do not have a precise date to provide you with. I can only advise you that once the source code is released it will be made available via our usual open source project locations e.g. Basically they are giving customers the middlefinger.... ...and we just need the wait.