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  1. Ok, eddited some files in VirtualBox_x64_5.0.40-115130-1_(for 6.1.4).spk and could install it. But after installation still could not connect to localhost... Hope someone will make this package working for DS918+
  2. T `Thanks! So we have to wait until someone fixes this problem? Can i try VirtualBox_x64_5.0.40-115130-1_(for 6.1.4).spk? because when i try to instal this one, it says incompatible DSM version. Is this also something to edit with Notepad? thanks!
  3. NICE!!! thank you!! that did the trick. Modified installer.sh from 4.4.15 to 4.4.15+. Install successful. But now i got Could not connect to host (
  4. How do i change REQUIRED_KERNEL_VERSION. If i use notepad++ the file is invalid after upload in DSM. Thank you.
  5. thanks for the reply. VirtualBox_x64_5.0.40-115130-1_(for 6.1.4).spk is not even starting to install. Incompatible package for current DSM Version.
  6. Hi All, Great Project! I come from XPEnology HP Homeserver. Now i've DS918+ with SSD Cache. Cannot install VirtualBox. Installing VirtualBox_x64_5.1.30-118389-1_(for 6.1.4).spk because others not even starting to install. This one is stuck at: Your Kernal 4.4.15+ is not supported by this package!. Someone has solution for this? running 6.1.4 with update 5. Thnx!
  7. Hi There, Using DSM 6.1 for 4 days now, and works good. Also SN works good. I use SN from Old broken DS209j. Only bad thing is Airplay/DLNA. From DS Audio i stream my music to my Onkyo receiver. After a day, DS audio cannot find my Onkyo anymore. After reboot it works for about 1 day. DS Video keeps working, and also find my Onkyo (and TV). I've a HP Mediasmart X495 server and i only can boot with 3 HDD's, after boot i can add 4th drive. So it is not easy to reboot... Some people have same problem?
  8. Problem solved after installing update 4.
  9. Also tried with HTTPS disabled, but still no cast icon... i've original Comodo certificate.
  10. Hello all, Thanks for this great forum!! I've DSM 6 now running for about 3 weeks on my HP MediaSmart server. But after the DSM 6 update, i cannot cast anymore from the DS Video app on my Android. Because i've a Samsung TV, i use the DS Video app on my Samsung. But i prefer the DS Video from my phone. As far as i can see, all rights are set correctly. DS Audio cast to my Onkyo receiver is working. Can someone help me with this? Thank you! Martijn
  11. i'm using the mac and serial of my old broken ds109j and its working. Maybe you have also use the mac of your ds413j
  12. to make clear, i've something like this: APPEND root=/dev/md0 ihd_num=0 netif_num=4 syno_hw_version=DS3615xs sn=B845R4565 mac1=0011223344BBFF vid=0x0EA0 pid=0x2168 loglevel=0 vga=0x305 After mac1= you can add mac2= and so on.
  13. i also tried it with different serials about a year ago, but never got it working. Maybe Synology updated database to make quickconnect more secure. after sn=1532456 make mac1=0011223344BBFF or something. if you have more NICs you just can add mac2= mac3= and mac4= if you really want it working you can maybe buy on ebay or something an old and broken Synology to have original serial number.
  14. Strange... i got it working. Changed the serial and mac address in syslinux.cfg i've an original serial from an old ds109j
  15. If you managed to install DS3612 than your processor is 64 bit. Or it will fail the installation afaik. If you install a Windows 64 Bit on a 32 Bit computer, the installation will never start. Do you have a model of the CPU? Maybe you can boot your server with HBCD and start SIW to find out wich hardware you are using.