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  1. seba

    Tvheadend installation issues had a bug when wrong user was used to start service, don't remember right now but in start-stop-script wrong user was referenced, non existing/created user. Other then that it works ok. I've been using it for few years now.
  2. seba

    DVB-T2 Dongle

    Yes, it will be interesting to see what is their plan with that. Especially with this note in 6.2 beta Known Issues & Limitations ..... Starting from DSM 6.2, the USB device drivers, including printers, cloud printers, DAC/speakers, Wi-Fi dongles, DTV dongles, LTE dongles, and Bluetooth dongles, will no longer be updated. .....
  3. seba

    DVB-T2 Dongle

    I did have to. Was building it from media_tree since drivers where mainlined since 3.19. I created script that packaged everything in spk.
  4. seba

    DVB-T2 Dongle

    I've successfully used Geniatech T230 (aka MyGica T230) in tvheadend it supports T. T2 and C.
  5. Package had error in start script. I reuploaded!htNwgZLK!oKFESUWZQ9af ... p5Ws25Gxac, 5.1 version doesn't contain w_scan. You will have to restart server.
  6. If you are on xpenology 5.2 you can try this!tkVSGb5L!-8mwXbakXnlK ... U0xLyxJrJo but YMMV. I had the tuner working fine in 5.1 but in 5.2 I can't even scan channels properly, I get a lot of PAT timeout errors. Something changed between kernels that is giving me trouble, If I could I would downgrade to DSM 5.1 just for this. I don't need to say that I'm pretty interested in 6.0 in hope it would remedy issue with media driver. Btw. if you are on 5.1 try this!htNwgZLK!oKFESUWZQ9af ... p5Ws25Gxac, this one has dvbv5tools included to switch tuner to DVB-C mode so you might need to change (comment out) few lines in script to disable it. For 5.2 I've made separate package for dvb5tools!Es9DhJIC!qG8LWkcwL0xi ... CqJKrGo7XY and added w_scan too.
  7. Yes you need two hw adapters.
  8. You can select which interface VM will be bridged to in VM configuration "settings->network adapter" there is dropdown where you select on which interface bridge will be created. I didn't test this since I have only one NIC working. And yes you can have several VM's bridged to one NIC.
  9. @rthga81 check file permissions it should be root:root 755 @dodo-dk tar xf virtualbox-x64-4.3.12.spk mkdir package tar xf package.tgz -C package cd package tar zcf ../package.tgz * cd .. tar cf ../vbox.spk *
  10. Kernel modules are copied during installation from package to /lib/moduels/3.2.40/. That is done by script from scripts folder during install.
  11. Hi, To help troubleshoot problems here are few tips: Virtualbox should create log file at following location /var/log/vbox.log. From ssh try this do start drivers /var/packages/virtualbox/target/scripts/ start of this goes without error then /var/packages/virtualbox/target/scripts/ start and finally if vboxinit was without errors /var/packages/virtualbox/target/scripts/ start I've added this to first post as well for reference. Since I won't get my mb anytime soon from repair, you are welcome to try and fix package. Basically you need to setup crosscompile environment for info use Synology guide at their website. Source for vbox driver you can find in "All distributions" package at virtualbox download page (use AMD64).
  12. @Adrirand You have corrupted configuration file. You need to delete /root/.config/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml so new one will get recreated. After that you will have to import VMs.
  13. I will support 5.1 once I repair my xpenology box. Mb is gone for rma and when I get it back, 5.1 will be more stable for me to work with it. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  14. Real synology boxes are not supported because I don't have one so i can't test vbox properly, that is the reason I didn't upload spk to any public repo. Also since there is no xpenology 5.1 I cant support vbox on 5.1. That being said error message you have seam to be happening because of vbox crashing. Clue to reason why you could find in vbox log at /var/log/vbox.log (i think that is the location). Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  15. FYI, Few days ago I did an upgrade to latest version of DSM 4528 and it appears that broke vbox instalation. If you get message in phpvbox that you can't connect, one like this: Could not connect to host ( check if directory /opt/VirtualBox exists. If not do this: mkdir /opt cp -pR /var/packages/virtualbox/target/opt/VirtualBox /opt/VirtualBox /var/packages/virtualbox/scripts/start-stop-status start this should fix install and start vboxweb service. In phpvbox you will have to set "Default Machine Folder" (Preferences->General) to location you had before and re-import machines.