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  1. Found this yesterday. You can change in your Profilsettings. But now all is fine BackToTopic
  2. @sunshine Oh das habe ich übersehen bzw. hatte ich in meinem Profil alle Signaturen deaktiviert. Habe mich schon gewundert. It's my fail ... Now I can see
  3. @sunshine Which hardware configuration?
  4. I have not the Standard CPU. I have a: Intel Xeon E3-1220L V2 17W GEN8 SR0R6 LGA 1155 2.3GHZ Processor CPU make this a difference or ist not compatible too?
  5. Ok ... Thanks for Info and direct Link But how can I update to the newest version? No Problem to create a USB-Loader-Stick with 918+ and migrate my System from 3615xs to 918+ But without a Serialnumber for the 918+ I can't install this
  6. That's not so fine ... What ist the last DSM Version for the 1.03b as 3615xs BTW ... I don't know a SerialGeneratorSite or Tool for create a Serial for the 918+ ...
  7. Hello, today i make the Update from Loader 1.02b to 1.03b on my HP Microserver Gen8 ... And the Update to DSM Version: 6.2-23739 All work fine But now the question: Can i update to DSM 6.2.1-23824?
  8. @Enzo-fr Can you explain a little bit more your accurate steps?
  9. Ahhhhh ... Now ... But only for the 918? Right? I have actually a DS3615xs Config on a HP Microserver Gen8 and i think with this config I can't load the last (actual) DSM Version?
  10. Is there information about whether it runs with the HP Microserver Gen8? So the latest version with which loader?
  11. I think DSM 6.2 (last version) is not running actually with the Loader 1.03b
  12. And this is the latest DSM Version, at the moment, for install? Version: 6.2.1-23824 brick my NAS, right?
  13. Which DSM version can i actually use with the last loader (v1.03b) on an HP MIcroserver Gen8?