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  1. Press the down arrow (or any key) multiples times during the boot sequence in order to access jun's loader boot menu (if you don't press anything it will default to the standard boot), then you will have several choices : standard boot, reinstall, force install, amd boot (that's the one you want to try) and vm.
  2. I just created a new boot drive with the latest loader, problem remains the same... EDIT : got it working! For anyone running baremetal and experiencing trouble getting an IP with update 9, try the "AMD" boot entry on the boot menu, even if you're not using AMD hardware.
  3. Je suis en baremetal sur un HP N54L. Je suis passé de update 7 à 9, avant de voir les posts d'avertissement (grosse erreur...), résultat plus d'accès au NAS. Je viens d'essayer de refaire une clef avec le loader 1.01 (j'étais en 1.0), ça n'a malheureusement rien changé. Je sais pas trop quoi faire du coup pour débloquer la situation.
  4. I just updated from update 7 to 9 and now I can't find my NAS on the network anymore... Any insights on what I should do? Using a HP N54L, baremetal, with jun's 1.0 loader.
  5. Just remove the key and plug it again. This is because Jun uses EFI partition table to create the image instead of MBR. You won't be able to see the usb content with Windows 7. With Win 10 you will without any problem. With Mac OS, you will not be able to see the partition as well so you will need to issue the following commands: diskutil list this should bring the list of disks available. In my case it's: /dev/disk0 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *640.1 G
  6. Thanks, but it didn't work. I used the diskutil mount command on my Mac to force it and it worked.
  7. Hi, After writing the latest .img file (the 30/10 one) with Win32DiskImager, I can't access it from my Windows machine in order to edit the grub.cfg file. It just doesn't pop up in the Explorer. Same on my Mac. With the other XPEnoboot img files I didn't have this problem, the USB drive was accessible directly in Windows explorer. Thanks for any help provided.
  8. Updated without problems from update 3, latest bootloader, on HP N54L bare metal.
  9. Are you sure there isn't a BIOS setting that allows you to select the default boot device?
  10. No problem here (DSM 5.1). Try apfd in a SSH session.
  11. Thanks, ill try Tried this, still not working. I used the real Mac of my NIC and an original serial number from a DS413j. What I don't understand is why it doesn't work anymore while it worked with DSM 5.0.
  12. Change a serial number. Already tried that, doesn't work...
  13. Hi, I would like to know if I'm the only one having this problem, and if not, if there is some sort of fix for that. It's impossible to connect to MyDS Center on 5.1 (XPEnoboot), it says there has been an unknown error. Therefore, it's impossible to use Quickconnect or DDNS. Prior to upgrading to 5.1 (I was on 5.0 nanoboot), it worked properly, and I didn't change my password or anything else. Thanks for any informations on this matter.
  14. That's quite an issue for me too. I try to use the vacuum cleaner at least once a week on the front door (without opening it) but it doesn't really prevent dust from piling on top of my hard drives... I've seen people literally put the N54L into a stocking (yeah, the kind of one women wear) to act as an antidust filter, might be effective but I don't know about heat dissipation.