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  1. Does anyone have a compatible package for DSM 6.1? Synocommunity is ages behind, and it doesn't seem like they'll release anything anytime soon. There was a guy who created packages for 6.1, but he decided he didn't have time to keep everything up to date, so he removed them all... this used to be the path: http://www.jadahl.com/synology6.1/packages/nzbget_bromolow-6.1_19.0-23.spk I haven't been able to find a mirror of it. Does anyone have a copy or something else that works? I'm not interested in using docker
  2. I would try mounting the array with linux first. Sometimes Synonolgy will mark the array as bad, when it's not really bad. How to undo that I'm not sure. But if your array is working (even if synology says it's bad), you should be able to mount it in linux and get to your data to back it up, then start over w/ synology. I went through my own experience years ago, that I documented here: https://forum.cgsecurity.org/phpBB3/fou ... t2600.html Good luck!
  3. What dutchman said. VM's are awesome I've never had an issue running a DSM VM in ESXI, and have been playing with DSM on 3rd party hardware before this site existed thanks to Vortex
  4. You're right. I read it wrong. Sorry
  5. You should re-read that article, and re-try it. Because I've been doing the same thing for years, and it works fine.
  6. You need to add rmmod=ata_piix to the grub/syslinux config on the kernel line. That's why you're seeing the boot loader as a drive in DSM when using ESXI. I'm not sure why the people creating VDMK's aren't doing that step. This will also prevent DSM from writing over your bootloader disk when doing a fresh install, and formatting blank drives on initial installs.
  7. Synology has pretty much phased out SHR on most of their high end models: https://www.synology.com/en-us/knowledg ... d_RAID_SHR Some models are allowed to use SHR, if it was created in an earlier version of DSM, which is likely how Xpenology uses it w/ DS3615 (it's there, but not enabled in UI - but the xpenology guys enabled it).
  8. It never did, it was a feature they removed w/ the 2015 model. The other loader guys re-enabled it. I think it's there, just disabled behind the scenes. They'd have to chime in for more info.
  9. SHR was removed from ds3615 officially. It was re-enabled by those that created the loaders. https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/DS3615xs#spec Just an FYI
  10. People shouldn't really be trying these hacked loaders with their real data until some time goes by and they are tested more thoroughly... unless you don't mind the possibility of losing your data.
  11. When you're passing through the 9265, what mode is it in? Does it have an IT like mode like a 9211?
  12. Only the data volume is an actual array (raid 5), the others are just mirrors of one another. You could just try mounting one of the system partitions by itself to see if you can see any files.
  13. Well the only way that DSM will have smart data from hardrives, is if you passthrough a controller to your DSM VM (it won't work w/ RDM). If you use virtual drives (on a datastore) for your array, then you won't be able to use your disks with systems outside esxi. Like if you wanted to move the disks to real synology system. Or if wanted to mount your array in Linux (outside of esxi), to recover a broken array, ect. I'm not sure about transfer speed differences.
  14. Yeah, the unas case rocks
  15. Try setting up another XPE VM, make an iSCSI drive the same size as your old one. Shut it down, or disable it, and swap the file you mention above. I have no idea if that will work, but it might be worth a try if you haven't done something like it yet. I use iSCSI as well, but haven't tried moving the iSCSI drives from one VM to another... But I have accidentally deleted one that I had a lot of files on.. and then much later wondered where I had those file and realized I had deleted the iscsi drive they were on