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  1. Thanks for the replies. I simply just want to use btrfs from root. That's why I need to access Winscp to change it from there. I actually used sudo -I to set password for root, but I couldn't use THIS root to access WinSCP. Any others help? Thanks.
  2. Hi everybody, I've just built a new nas with new loader 6.2 of Jun. However, when I tried to use root account to access WinSCP, I always got "access denied". That's weird. I've never seen it before when I'm using loader 6.0 or 6.1 on other my Nases at home. Anybody please confirm if root account was disable on loader 6.2 or I'm missing something? Thanks.
  3. Sorry guys, it's my bad. I got a RocketRAID card in IOCrest Sata card box. See the picture. I now can confirm chip Marvell 9218 has no problem with 6.2 loader.
  4. Thank you, guys for your replies. Just FYI. My mobo is Asrock H87M Prod4 that has 2 PCIe slots. I moved the card to another slot but didn't work either. Went to bios and disabled sound, parallel, serial, Infrared. Changed Primary Graphic Adapter from PCIe to Onboard,... but to no avail. Sorry, I don't know how to check dmesg output. I put a 2-ports card that has Asmedia chip on the same slot, DSM 6.2 recognized HDDs. Anyway, I just bought a Dell perc h310 hba card and flashed it to IT mode. It worked like a champ and I'll keep it to build my Nas.
  5. Hello, My motherboard has 4 ports and I want to build a xpenology nas with 8 HDDs. I bought a IOCrest 4 ports sata card. Windows 2016 could see 4 HDDs thru this card but xpenology couldn't, doesn't matter I used 6.1 or 6.2 loader. Checked and found this sata card using chip Marvell 9218. Can anybody confirme if xpenology supports this card? Or I missing something? Thank you.
  6. Elpee

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Thanks. How about question 2? Should I leave SataPortMap=1 (as default) or change to 12 in grub for 12 HDDs?
  7. Elpee

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I have 2 questions, guys. 1. After i mounted (by OSF mount) to adjust SN, MAC, VID, PID in grub file, I burnt the img into a USB drive by Rufus. Finally, I found out I keyed in a typo my MAC. I wanted to correct it in grub file but I couldn't see my USB drive anymore when I hook it up to my Windows 10 desktop. I could see my USB drive in Disk Management thou. Please help. 2. My baremetal Nas has 12 HDDs, should I leave SataPortMap=1 (as default) or change to 12 in grub? Thanks for your prompt replies. I appreciate it.
  8. Elpee

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    How did you get/see grub.cfg file to set vid & pid? Since I moved to new 1.03b, I've never seen this grub file anymore. I used rufus to load 1.03b into a bootable usb drive. Thanks.
  9. I can confirm DSM 6.x works well with WOL on my XPEno Nases at home. Do a search within this forum and learn from it.
  10. Cool, thanks. Hope Jun and other devs also see it.
  11. Guys, I know Update 6 looks promise now. My question here is what version of update you stayed on before you moved to update 6? Say, mine currently has update 1. Can I move directly to update 6 or move to update 2 and then update 3 and then blah...blah... till update 6? Thanks.
  12. Sorry, but I don't care "OK after reboot", instead I care much about the timebomb after reboot in the next few weeks. I don't have a test machine, so I really don't want to risk my own value data for nothing. Thanks, guys anyway.
  13. Why would we have to update if our systems run smoothly and we don't have to?
  14. Looks like Synology inserted new codes into Update 4 to kill "outsiders." Hope it's not...
  15. Elpee

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Download update 3 file to your hard drive, reboot your nas and manually update from the file you just downloaded.
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