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  1. Are you saying "No" because you tried but was unable to, or because you saw the update was not Serious or Critical, and therefor didn't try?
  2. this should be an easy one for me but I am drawing a blank on this. I recently had a power failure and the server started fine. However one third party package that I installed did not auto start like all the other ones did. What can I do to get this package to autostart when synology comes up after a reboot or powerfailure?
  3. actually I have the above command entered as a disabled Task so I don't even have to login to SSH. I just manually highlight it and run.
  4. Are me and @Diverge the only two people that do this? sed -i 's/flashupdateDeb/flashupdateDeb1/' /autoupd@te.info just wondering
  5. sorry you're right; I meant largest drive - I am going on little sleep here. thanks for the clarification on the partitioning
  6. sooo.... I didn't quite understand if you answered my Q: if i do partition them into three chunks each.... and then install using SHR, are you saying that synology assistant WILL overwrite the partition tables back three full 2.73 drives?
  7. Ok i am starting to get gun-shy of DSM upgrades. I just reinstalled my DSM to 4493 and did the update to 7. The thing restarted and i saw the post go all the way to "checking upgrade file", and then "post init" and there it sat for 20 minutes I started having flashbacks to Sunday when I couldn't do anything to get my NAS to start. Anyway I physically powered down and then started it back up. and it came up after a few seconds at the "post init" screen. Anyway I am going to do several restarts to see how they post before reinstalling all my files
  8. z-vap

    What to do?

    I am an asus/amd guy here, and other than the occasional upgrade hitch, I've been pretty stable
  9. So i am prepping for re-installing my diskstation. I currently have 3 3TB Western digital Red drives. I see from using gparted that they are in reality 2.73 TB each. Anyway, in knowing that the sinstall takes one of the smallest drives spaces for parity, I was thinking of partitioning each drive into 3 equal spaces, to gain a little more space. 7+ TB instead of 6TB 953862 x3 per disk. formatted to Ext4. Has anyone else done this? Or does the install overwrite the partition table?
  10. ya that is an option. the positive thing here is I can still see my storage and system volumes. I am hoping though I can learn from recovering this so it can be useful to others.
  11. tried that. nada. doesn't even ping
  12. for the curious here is a pic of the post screen POST
  13. OK I think i did a bad thing yesterday when I was working on my nas box. I was updated up to 4493-update5 and I saw yesterday that I had update7 waiting for me. I clicked download then I started working on something else, which caused me to forget that I clicked download. Anyway, I messed up one of the httpd conf files, and I put it back the way it was, and wanted to reboot so the system would be fresh. However now it won't boot. for the most part it would stop at: :: Checking upgrade file Killed but recently it went past that spot and now it sits: unm
  14. i have looked into the mod_proxy module but I am not smart enough to get it to work. I didn't think about vpn though, I will give that a looksy. thanks
  15. So I know that the DSWeb gives me /video and /music, but I was looking for a way to also get /sickbeard or /couch or /whatever also on port 5000 (externally port 80 forwarded to 5000) Does any one know how this can be accomplished? Or are there any resources available for me to look into?