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  1. In the end, what is synology is doing is port-forwarding too. (but they just do it for you)
  2. FYI, there have been made contributions to the BTRFS source code by people from Synology, so chances are Synology will incorporate BTRFS. It will take some time tough.. You best bet may be running FreeNAS/Nas4Free and XPenology on top of it virtualized.
  3. You cannot run programs with graphical output on DSM. Maybe a raspberry pi 2 is an option? I'm using it atm with OpenElec, it rocks! (and finally decent performance compared to the rpi1) Nope, the power consumption on these things is crazy. (They are cheap for a reason) Build your own server with the latest architecture, and keep it as small as possible. Look in this forum for suggestions.
  4. Look at the passmark score of the CPU. A 1080p stream requires around 2000 points per stream.
  5. Yes. You can import your pool in DSM during installation. (= upgrade)
  6. Are you serious? XPenology is Synology's DSM.
  7. Strange; - Downloaded update - sed'd - Installed update - Systen won't come back. Power cycle. - System works fine altough 1 drive giving SMART error. No problems besides the SMART error. I may have been lucky? EDIT: Can't remember if u4 or u5 tough..
  8. Hello, WebDAV is already available in the latest nightlies of FreeNAS. (It's bleeding edge tough.) Synology has already incorporated WebDAV; ... orials/570 Greetings
  9. It seems you forgot to include the guide.
  10. No worries, everyone starts somewhere! I bought the NICs second hand to get some lower costs. Theres no problem in buying parts one at a time, I did this too. PS: Not sure why you would want an i7. Are you going to run a hypervisor? .
  11. Here you go; Currently running XPenology, but going to switch to FreeNAS again when I get my virtualization whitebox. (For iSCSI, virtualize XPenology) Contents: - AsRock C2750D4I - 16 GB ECC memory - Ri-vier 2U 12bay chassis with SAS backplane -RVS2-06A - HP dual Gigabit low profile card Replaced the loud fans with quiet RPM's and connected them to the motherboard instead of the backplane. Running cool, quiet and more then enough grunt for home use!
  12. If you could PM me how exactly I should compile drivers with XPenolog, I could setup a repository on Github with the needed files and write a script for it. We'd need nanoboot & gnoboot source I'm afraid.. e.g. listdrivers compile drivers=i2100,cpupower
  13. This is a XPenology website. Not an ESXi/XBMC one. Have you even googled this? A 5 second search shows at least 2 answers AND a video..