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  1. All Mainboards added. Thx for contribution. @jagwaugh you have Baremetal or Virtual Solution (ESXi, Hyper-V). Do you use Nanoboot, Gnoboot, Synoboot?
  2. Okay, that are many informations =). I think near every HDD should work. Most important information should be Mainboard, Addon cards (RAID Cards, Adapter, and all this stuff which need aditional drivers) =) Also I have added your UPS
  3. Mainboard added to compatibility list. Do you have this UPS? ... wwodLR4AXA
  4. 200 Views and no adds??? Common Guys, share you're experiences!!!
  5. I just thought, I start a Hardware Compatibility List, that people can contribute and share there experiences with Hardware Compatibility on XPenology. If you have a different Hardware, please insert it in this Thread. I will add it into the first post of this Thread.
  6. green = works perfectly yellow = works with workaround/some Feature don't working red = don't work Bare Metal Solution: GnoBoot 10.5 Alpha Mainboards: Asrock Q1900DC-ITX Gigabyte GA-C1037UN-EU PCI/e Cards: Generic (Jmb363) - 4-Port Internal SATA2 Raid Controller Works with hacked NON-RAID, AHCI or IDE BIOS, Original RAID Mode BIOS don't work. Download Syba SI-PEX40064 (Marvell 88SE9215) - 4-Port Internal SATA3 Nanoboot Mainboards: ASUS H61M-A Gigabyte GA-C1037UN-EU USV/UPS: APC Back-UPS CS 325VA 230V Nanoboot Mainboards: Asrock Q1900DC-ITX Wake on LA
  7. man, you are in a complete wrong forum. XPenology Forum has topics about building NAS with a hacked Synology System. My suggestion: Stop with diet pills. This stuff don't work effective. The most diet pills, just pull you metabolism, your body heat will raise and and burn down some weight. Also this stuff can cause heart problems. You can also change your nutrition. The best way to lose some weight is sport and changing your nutrition.
  8. I wonder which mode I should use for XPenology??? Normally I use for my Systems allways AHCI, but I have read that people using for XPenology IDE. Are there any recomendations because I should use IDE?
  9. Hello Guys, I had took a look into XPenology since I have read of it and I am really amazed of the work, you guys had allrdy put into it. As I could seen, different people working on XPenology Releases. As Boot-Images we got Synoboot, Gnoboot, Nanoboot, etc. I found that Trantor made a cool Thread "Drivers requests / Beta8 (4.3-3827)" viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1361 He collect requested Driver for the people and include them into his releases. I could allrdy seen similar request on the Gnoboot's Blog. Also sancome lacks of driver for his releases. For example, I can't use WOL with Na