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  1. - Outcome of update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2-23824 Update1 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - HP Microserver G7 N54L with Intel NIC - NC360T
  2. as the title states is it possible to update to the latest 6.2.1 using the HP NC360T Dual Port Gigabit NIC PCI-E i know the on board will not work i have a hp proliant n54l microserver 6gb ram 4 x 500gb hdd's 1 x 2tb hdd currently running 6.1.7 update 2
  3. i fixed it by doing a re-install but keeping all my data
  4. hi all i have just got my server back up and running but now when i login i the desktop comes on then goes straight off and just shows a white screen can someone please help with a possible fix for this i have access via ssh as well
  5. fixed it i found out that the modded bois i installed was the wrong 1 so it didnt even load my hdd's but found the correct 1 to use
  6. i apologise about where to post as was unsure it is working now but now its decided not to show any of my hdd's lol bloody thing im about to kick it through the wall haha but its details are 3615 dsm 6.1.7 update 2 amd cpu 6gb of ram 500gb hdd for o.s.
  7. hi all i have a hp proliant microserver n54l and i have the jun's loader 6.1.x and it boots but dont get a ip address at all i have even got a new HP NC360T Dual Port Gigabit NIC but for some reason it dont seem to want to get a ip address either can anyone give me some advice on what i could do to rectify this plz ??
  8. it is link aggregation im after as gettin a new dual lan pci card for my server lol but ill defo keep lookin into gettin one but at the mo with xmass being just round the corner its a little tricky lol
  9. hi i would like to make a possible suggestion for the forum as i dont see anything in the forum at all and that would be a section for networking and what devices i.e. network switch are best to use or what others would recommend to use with there setups. but once again thank you for all your hard work
  10. as the title states can anyone recommend a cheap 8 port gigabyte managed Smart Switch plz ??
  11. hi can anyone tell me dose the HP NC360T Dual Port Gigabit NIC PCI-E work with xpenology and is it compatible with the lastest dsm 6.2.1 update plz ??
  12. djwayne1985

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    can someone plz help me i have the loader and put it on my usb but once i boot it up on fresh install its not showing on my network at all it did work then it updated by its self as forgot to turn it off and since then its just not getting a network connection at all is there a fix for this plz ??
  13. not working for me its not installing the driver files into the newly create extra.lzma file any help please as i am trying to install the pata, ide and sata drivers for nvidia
  14. @IG-88 can you tell me is there a way for a newbie like me to add it myself then plz ?? and can you help me with where i can poss find the .ko file of the wifi card plz