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  1. Migrate to vSphere

    Sounds great Thank you for your answers, i'll give it a try
  2. Migrate to vSphere

    Hi All, I have currently a working installation of Xpenology 5.0-4418 Beta (the Trantor's one) installed on my HP N54L with one single volume of 6To (SHR, 4*2To) I would like to migrate my installation (with no data loss obviously) to a VM using vSphere. Could I do that without backuping all my data and re-create my volume ? Addiotonaly, i would like to use the latest version (so passing to nanoboot), could I do it at the same time ? Thanks for your advice !
  3. How to install XPEnology

    I reinstalled 5.0.. here is the file I've done the same mistake ... Could someone please re-upload this file ? Thanks