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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Guys I did use the search engine but found nothing. Is it possible to use the Survaillance Station with Deep Learning to run features like Face Recognizion on XPEnology? BECAUSE: The DVA3221 Synology offers has a dedicated graphics card in it but its worth like 50 bucks.. cheap old nVidia card. And for this I will not pay $2k or more! SO, it woud be very very very nice if somehow it would be possible to use the own graphicscard and a HP Server or something like this. But I dont know how Xpenology copied the Synology OS and I also dont know what software does run on a DVA3221 and if its possible to copy it... Sorry for my english its not my motherlanguage. Thanks and have a great day! David
  2. I realize that AMD does not support transcoding (or from what I've read as of late), and I must've just been lucky by just so happen to be using Intel back when. But does Surveillance Station require an Intel CPU to serve up video and function as normal, or can I get away with an AMD Ryzen? If so, what special things might I need for this to be worthwhile?
  3. Hello, Ive been running on xpenology for quite some time now, maybe 4 years or so. I own 8 legitimate camera licenses that Ive acquired over the years as my setup has grown. I recently added some more cameras and now I can't add the license. I get: Connection failed. Please check your network settings This is a new error for me. I've never had problems before. Any ideas what's changed or if there is a solution? version of Surveillance Station Running on bare metal DSM 6.1.6-15266 on DS3615xs model name HP Microserver Gen 8 with an external 8-bay array.
  4. Hi all, I have installed 6.1 and most of the packages detect old configuration folders, For example Surveillance Station, but it can't write on folders, I guess because permissions... Could you help me how to know what kind of permission should I make? 644 755 ??? Thanks!
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