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  1. id personally just do a bridge. Why complicate things
  2. Hello, Ive been running on xpenology for quite some time now, maybe 4 years or so. I own 8 legitimate camera licenses that Ive acquired over the years as my setup has grown. I recently added some more cameras and now I can't add the license. I get: Connection failed. Please check your network settings This is a new error for me. I've never had problems before. Any ideas what's changed or if there is a solution? version of Surveillance Station Running on bare metal DSM 6.1.6-15266 on DS3615xs model name HP Microserver Gen
  3. bump, to get ahead of the spam and some help
  4. I have a Gen 8 HP server with 4 internal disks, these are fine. I have 8 external disks hooked up to a box over external HBA connections. Each connection runs 4 drives in a single 8 bay enclosure with two links in the back. 6 disks are seen, 2 are not and it shows 2 available slots. BIOS Post shows the drives fdisk -l shows the drives I have 5 USB devices, 12 drives, no eSata so: internalportcfg="0xfff" usbportcfg="0x1f000" esataportcfg="0x00000" maxdisks="12" Disk /dev/sda: 7.3 TiB, 8001563222016 bytes, 15628053168 sectors Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sect
  5. Worked out of the box with the 9205-8e. Good stuff.
  6. You're the man Polanskiman! Should cover the 2 cards I have.
  7. transmission works great on DSM 6. I was a long time 5.x even 4.x user back in the day. 6 has been great to me. Sickbeard is available, Couch Potato is available Mosquitto is available Looks like you need to add the community sources.
  8. Where can I find a list of drivers supported in jun's bootloader? Seems the threads have mixed the old loader with the newer jun's loader and I don't feel the drivers are supported on both.
  9. I would guesstimate being that it's based on a 12 disk NAS 12 disks @60TB
  10. Not sure if this has even really been documented here before but to create a USB on OS X do the following. I've had to create these for Ubuntu and other XPE* bootloaders. 1. Download the fat img of the bootloader of choice, I believe ext2 fs is also ok, for say Nanoboot. Make a note of its path. In this example we'll say it's saved to the Desktop and we'll use NanoBoot- 2. Plug your USB drive in. It may behoove you to use disk utility to create a FAT formatted partition to ensure there aren't any funky old parition schemes on there. Make it MBR: Choose the followi
  11. I think I saw the same behavior in GnoBoot. I never looked at the logs but the first drive is not the first one in the order. This happens on two identical machines with the exact same disk load pattern. Not sure why but never sweated it. This is with a flashed 9211 LSI 8i card.
  12. The release notes claim to have the mpt2sas driver/module loaded so I am going to try it tonight.
  13. So it seems referencing some of the latest discussion in the nanoboot thread that bootloaders can manipulate the pat files regardless of their source. The case in point is where nanoboot slipstreams old 4458 files into the 4482 to "make it work" where it's really copying files from an older build. This to me means that anything can be moved over to the system from the bootloader software. Now that there's a release that supports LSI 9211 and Intel l210 NICs I'll give it a go and see if I can audit the communication outbound.
  14. Intel I210 NICs are likely not supported as they were in other bootloaders. I have the same boards.