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  1. after a thousand tries I have finally solved it... but I don't know what was the cause
  2. Maybe the API has changed? I am using v2.0.5-0534 of Active Backup G Suite and (DSM DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4) it doesn't work. 1st step for Login is OK, it works, but 2nd and 3rd step are not working "{"error":{"code":102},"success":false}" You did mention 102 code is because app is not started, I have opened it and tried to activate, uninstalled, re-installed, disabled 2FA, always the same. I have tried HTTPS or HTTP and also creating a new admin user with silly password like 123456789 in order to test it, so... I have tried also 3 backups apps, ActiveBackup Business,
  3. thank you very much for explanations. If can I make a suggestion, I would say that a warning would be nice for avoiding disasters like mine I think there is any information about "missing" drivers. Thanks
  4. Thank you for your explanations. It really was double mistake 1st) Drivers were not updated like you said. 2nd) The GFX card I tried was broken, I didn't see anything so I thought my PC was broken. In the middle time the Power Supply stopped working as well, so I needed to change it again... So my 6.2.2 has been a total disaster Anyway I have a question, why v1.0.3b is not including new drivers? It doesn't have sense to me adding them manually Thank you all
  5. just for your info: my NEW NAS (recycled computer) is a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3 + CPU Q9400 + 8GB 800 Mhz. is working perfectly with 6.2.2 latest my latest NAS (broken computer) is a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 + CPU Q6600 + 8GB 800 Mhz. was working perfectly with 6.1.7 latest but I didn't have a chance to test it with 6.2.2 because it stops working while migration... Good luck!
  6. Hi @smilenkovski I confirm that another very similar motherboard to ours GA-EP35-DS3 http://es.gigabyte.com/products/page/mb/ga-ep35-ds3_21#kf works perfectly with 6.2.2 latest. I have used Juns loader 1.0.3b + extra.lzma + zImage.lzma + rd.gz mods commented on post above I just take off my HDDs + pendrive from my hardware broken NAS and I have putted into new PC (hackintosh) just for testing... So, it works, maybe I will recycle this one for NAS purposes. Thanks
  7. @Olegin http://es.gigabyte.com/products/page/mb/ga-ep35-ds4_21/#sp LGA775 Chipset North Bridge: Intel® P35 Express Chipset South Bridge: Intel® ICH9R Realtek 8111B (10/100/1000 Mbit) Audio ALC889A de 8 canales
  8. Gigabyte ep35 ds4 CPU q6600. I guess it has realtek network card . Thanks for help
  9. Hello, thanks for update... I have bricked it. I updated to 6.2 perfectly and everything was ok. I tried to update to 6.2.1 and everything went bad. I have lost access it does not boot anymore. Maybe I will update pendrive with those drivers like you said... I have installed a graphic card like I did some years ago, but I can't see anything. My PC/NAS it's like dead, no beeps, no screen, no boot. I can't recover it. Everything is running, lights, hard disks, but I can't see anything on screen. I guess power supply dies while we was updating. I will try to try another one. I have reset CMOS b
  10. Very silly question really. I have solved. 1.0.3 invites me to update to newer version... Thanks anyway
  11. Hello, I am currently in 6.1.7 with 1.0.2b working ok. I would like to update to 6.2 and I have done 1.0.3b pendrive as usual. Can I test 1.0.3b on 6.1.7 first? I am not sure about it... I have seen on compatibility charts that 1.0.3b is for 6.2.x but will it work with 6.1.7 for testing? I am asking because my NAS is hidden without graphic card, monitor and it's very big to move. So I would like to be as cautious as possible... Thanks
  12. Plex is referís a ver el video de la cámara por Plex? O probar a reproducir una peli normal?
  13. thanks to all, but I am not asking how to connect... I was asking what commands Thanks any way (I had to reinstall)
  14. Thank you a lot. I already have access by winscp (you can't do it as root), the only folder I can see are homes of users... But I would like to navigate to volumes, configs, etc... Or maybe you can tell me what is the chmod command? Thanks