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  1. Plex is referís a ver el video de la cámara por Plex? O probar a reproducir una peli normal?
  2. thanks to all, but I am not asking how to connect... I was asking what commands Thanks any way (I had to reinstall)
  3. Thank you a lot. I already have access by winscp (you can't do it as root), the only folder I can see are homes of users... But I would like to navigate to volumes, configs, etc... Or maybe you can tell me what is the chmod command? Thanks
  4. no I would like to maintain folders of old DSM installation (corrupted) because it maintains config files. I have docker with a lot of containers, surveillance with a lot of cameras, etc... While it seems to keep config, it doesn't work well, for example Surveillance finds cameras config but can't access to recording folders (I guess because permissions). How could I get those? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I have installed 6.1 and most of the packages detect old configuration folders, For example Surveillance Station, but it can't write on folders, I guess because permissions... Could you help me how to know what kind of permission should I make? 644 755 ??? Thanks!
  6. ok, I have reinstalled everything on new HDD, I have recoverd everything... I guest my partition was corrupted, thanks for help
  7. thanks for your help! The hardware is standard old PC GA-EP35-DS4 which was working pretty well... but How can we sure that is the boot USB which is corrupted? I would like to know what happened here... Thanks a lot
  8. Hi, My NAS was working very well for 1 year (6.01) and recently from 3 weeks ago (last reset). I did lost connection so I forced a hard reset. When I see what happens on a Monitor I can see that the systems stops on "booting kernel..." and nothing happens more about this screen. I tried to alternate and plug or disconnect some of the 2 HDDS I have (one of them with xpenology), nothing... I thought it was corrupt boot pendrive, so I tried to make a newer one (now with 1.0b2) and nothing. I also have booted with Ubuntu live and it can see HDDs, but obviously I need to use more tools for accesing that. I can't boot Can you help me to know what is hapenning here? Thanks!
  9. Hello all, I am sorry if this is a repeated question. I have read Controversious information. There is a guide which says it is required... But some people on forums say that latests boots are not required anymore... Could you please tell me the true or where can I can find it? I would like to also ask about Sleeping... I have read on Synology official help that USB drivers will prevent to sleep... Is that correct? Because then with XPNOLOGY we can NEVER sleep our servers. Is that true? My main worries is about energy, for that reason I wanted to change MAC, for sleep and wake up lan etc... Thanks to all in advance
  10. Hi all! I just have discovered this community and I would like to thank you all for sharing your knowledge I am making my own tests and everything runs ok with custom PC with GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3. I have not changed serial or mac address yet, but I have full Wake on lan by mac hardware address. And I can poweroff via SSH root@ commands. It is ok! The problem that sometimes it is instant, sometimes it takes 20 minutes to poweroff! It seems that there aren't any users connected etc. Could you please help me why this may happen? Thanks in advance!