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Found 7 results

  1. DSM 6.2.2-3. File Station was broken after reboot, along with a couple other packages. Not sure how this happened, only thing of notice was update from 6.2.0 as couple days ago. Other packages were repaired, but for File station repair fails. What are my options here? UPD. Stupid me, finally googled it right after posting. SSH to system, go to /var/packages and rm -rf FileStation. Then refresh Package Center and install File Station from scratch.
  2. Hello All, Thought I would quickly post what I have been having trouble with here. I have been trying to get XPEnology to run DSM on VMware ESXi 6.x and 7 (I have also tried all of this on VMware Workstation Pro 15). Every time I get things configured inside DSM, I loose the entire configuration and my RAID Pool crashes upon restart (reboot, shutdown & start). I am presented with the Web Assistant / "Welcome to Synology" screen asking me to install DSM again. Each time this happens I am loosing my configurations. I will admit, I am trying to mod the limits of th
  3. my system: ESXi 6.7 i5-6500 cpu / 1.03b(DS3615xs) / DSM6.2.3-25426 / # tail -f / var / log / messages The problem that occurs is "cache_monitor" code. log: 2020-07-11T18:00:16+09:00 min synostoraged: SYSTEM: Last message 'cache_monitor.c:1557' repeated 6 times, suppressed by syslog-ng on min 2020-07-11T18:00:16+09:00 min synostoraged: cache_monitor.c:1557 Can't support DS with cpu number (1) This log repeats endlessly. The way I tried was to add syntax. Added to this syntax for convenience. ↓ ↓ ↓ # ESXiSmart
  4. The Synology web assistant was successfully able to detect my laptop running dsm 6.2. But when I go and try and set it up I get this error : https: // Text: We've detected errors on the hard drives (2,4,5,6), and the Sata ports have also been disabled. Please shut down your DS3615xs to replace or remove the hard drives and try again. I'm runnning dsm 6.2 on my Lenovo N580 laptop. Please help me solve this issue.
  5. Hello, Ive been running on xpenology for quite some time now, maybe 4 years or so. I own 8 legitimate camera licenses that Ive acquired over the years as my setup has grown. I recently added some more cameras and now I can't add the license. I get: Connection failed. Please check your network settings This is a new error for me. I've never had problems before. Any ideas what's changed or if there is a solution? version of Surveillance Station Running on bare metal DSM 6.1.6-15266 on DS3615xs model name HP Microserver Gen
  6. Yesterday my house's breakers tripped, and my NAS(Xpenology DSM 6.1.3-Update 1) shut down. After that, I get the error below with practically everything (Control panel - show user details, Download station, Package center, .........) So now I'm left with a bare-bone NAS only with SMB. Any reasons why? Any help will be well appreciated. **Translation : "Task Failed" ** **Trying to click on 'Reset Everything' on the Control Panel doesn't do anything **
  7. 어제 정전이 된 후부터 뭘 클릭했던간에 계속 이게 나오네요ㅠㅠ 좀 전에는 그것만 나오다가 이젠 제어판에서 사용자를 누르거나 Download Station을 실행시켜도 이럽니다 "작업 실패" 이거 어떻게 해야하는지 좀 알려주세요.... ** 제어판에서 초기화하려 해도 초기화 버튼 누르고 비번 입력한 뒤에 아무런 반응이 없어 포기했습니다** 백업이 정전때문에 날라가서 백업도 없어요ㅠㅠ