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  1. ***Backup files to an external drive, disconnect the backup ** I create a usb with the latest bootloader and modify it so that the serial number and the pid /vendor matches on my laptop Download the newest pat file on my computer that i use to access the NAS. Power down the NAS from the web interface.. Swap out the usb drive with the newest that was modified Bootup the system ( headless so i don't see any options) Login into my NAS - control - updates - manually pick my updated - upload the pat file... Then update.. Wait for the system to reboot.. Do
  2. any way to to write a new boot image to the old flash drive... remotely ? then next time i don't have to physically touch the flash drive on my bare metal NAS
  3. i had similar issues .. the solution was the ram.. well solution and problem.. fix... new ram now i haven't had a single issues..
  4. good to know.. i was considering unraid.. but the apps on DSM so polished
  5. @ mervincm i did what you suggest and it shows the serial i inputed.. i wonder what mac is being used .. the real mac address from my MB NIC or a dummy one?
  6. I'm still new to using xpenology.. If i want to use the quickconnect feature is it still recommend to do change the serial number and mac address?
  7. it should work just fine.. I don't see an issue.. my current test build is running well with the AMD 5150
  8. So i would add this where in the dsm... Forgive my newbie inexperience
  9. so i have XPEnoboot 5.1-5022 update 2 its installed directly on the hardware.. so its not in a vmware.. I just lost my ip and i couldn't get into DSM.. the system was powered on but i didn't have anyway to check it.. I didn't know what to do so i did a power supply hard power off and power on to reset the system.. its my first system and and well its been on just 33hrs ..
  10. Nice... I was just wondering about this.. I want to test my new set up
  11. I take back my statement, i did have to reinstall the package
  12. I thought i lost all my package /apps too but afterwards (a few hrs) it all came back.. Im a newbie at this so i figure i did something wrong after d/l the 5.1 update 2.. I finally re read the post on how the volume will unmount and mount after a reboot... I did a reboot a few times and after an hour i gave up and decided to start over.. I logged in and was going to shut down but notice i had all my package / app. I assume that's what ur missing?