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  1. Q1900 board Jun's loader 1.02b bare metal lsi 9211-8i IT mode Controller GUI update from 6 --> 8 Up for about half an hour and everything looks fine
  2. A Harddrive take the most power when it spin up from begin turned off. Depending on your settings and size of your power supply. You might draw to much power when all the harddrives try to spin up at the same time. I believe I have read somewhere that you are offset the spin-up of each drive, but I do not know how. It might explain why it will not boot up when all harddrives are plugged in.
  3. if you leave the disk in... it should not change anything... if you unplug the USB on the move, it might not boot the right way, so you might have to hook a monitor up to the box at the new location, or leave the USB stick in.. When it connect to the new network, than watch out a change of the IP address which properly will change... That should cover most of the problem you might face, The rest should be troubles with the network settings on the new location... Happy moving the system =)
  4. This evening I also tried to setup a DSM 6.0 install on an old AMD system... My experience where just like RainbowShaggy's... Booting to kernel and nothing more... Would not show up on my router with an IP either.
  5. Hey Hidroela.. it is because of your raid settings.. Raid 1 is a mirror of the drives, so you will get the space of the smallest of the two drives which is 1TB... since it is a mirror you will get Volume of 1TB with 1TB backup from your 3TB drive and 2TB lost space.. If I remember right you will be able to map the remaining 2TB to a 2nd volume... I would suggest you make a Volume on the 3TB drive of 3TB and a second volume of 1TB on the 1TB drive.. It all depend on what you want to do with the volume... If you aren't sure what the different raids do and the pros and cons. I will s
  6. What I have read on this forum over the last half year. Suggest that a real synology also operate with a "bootloader", which is on a storage unit. I even think that the storage unit is connected with some kind of USB connection since I recall reading that you can exclude your bootloader USB by modifying your boot-files to exclude your own USB device, so it doesn't show in DSM just like a real synology. - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5605 Why you would prefer to use a bios-mod, which is more risky for your hardware than a bootloader is beyond my understanding.
  7. Hello Iruindegi. It is possible to plug your USB Harddrive into your xpenology system.. In DSM you will have to use "file station" to go to your USB harddrive and than copy the files to the destination you want.. If you can't find your Hard drive in the left side (it is a Subfolder) than you will have to search for a tweak to your bios/system (I found my in the bios but I am running a different setup)
  8. I am running 4x Red 4TB drives in a SHR-1 array.. One of the drives has started to report some I/O errors, and Western digital has confirmed that they will replace the drive... Now I would like to ask if I will be able to take the broken drive out and mirror it to the replacement drive and put it into the NAS without rebuilding the array ? I would like to skip 2 days of rebuilding the array
  9. coalfield thank you for sharing your findings. But to make a fair comparison you need to compare Raid5 with SHR-1 (1disk redundancy) and/or Raid6 with SHR-2 (2disk redundancy)... If you got the time to test SHR-1 and/or Raid6, you will be able to make a comparison of SHR vs RAID.. If you do please report back your findings =)... To be honest I am expecting SHR-1 and Raid5 to be nearly identical.. MaZeeT
  10. The board comes with the CPU under a passive heatsink and I do not overclock the CPU.. Synology report a temp of 40-42°C so I do not think it is heat... I do have the only fan at the motherboard room in a exhaust configuration, so might be worth it to change it to a intake fan... Thanks for your input
  11. That will be worth a try.. Got a 3 year old laptop I can steal the RAM from for testing.. Thanks a lot for the input..
  12. When I loss access to my NAS, all of my transfer stops... direct copy or encoding to the NAS do not matter, the connection is lost... I run the 4 drives in SHR-1 which is more or less raid5 Sadly I have not had much time to test the SSH stuff today since my router broke when I started testing.
  13. I am kind of a rookie to linux based systems.. but I have not tried to access the NAS by SSH'ing if you mean that with DSM console.. I will try to test it, but I do not think I will get access since I can not access it an other way... I will be back with my results.. Thanks a lot of the input =) ------------------------------ I have not solved the problem yet... I will let you know if I do =)
  14. Hey.. When I am transferring data like a season of a serie to my NAS from my desktop it freeze up and need to be rebooted on the case... I loss connection to every and will not reconnect before the NAS has been reset... I can't access the web-gui, transmission or shared folders... I hope you will be able to help me troubleshoot this error so I can get a great working system =) I have google around which suggest a fault power supply or hard drive.. But I will love to get inputs from my fellow XPEnology users. My system (bare-metal) ----------------------------------------- DS
  15. Personal I am a big fan of the "Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX" motherboard.. It should be using 10watts if I remember correctly... got 4 sata ports so you could add the drives you need... It got a mini-PCIe slot for a wifi-card, so you can boardcast a network in the car.. and it comes in 2 models... Normal power supply or a DC-power-supply (which could be easy to power in a car)..