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  1. Hello I'm running DSM 5.2-5644 When I build my xpenology vm years ago I allocated a single 2TB vmdk to the VM for my "volume1" volume. When setting up with only 1 disk, DSM sets the Raid type to BASIC in the disk group. It looks like a BASIC raid type is not expandable. I need to expand my volume1 but looks like I'm stuck. I should have created 2x1TB vmdk's and setup as JBOD which is expandable. Anyone know how I can preserve all the data in my volume1 and expand? This post is the closest I've found to solving the problem but I'm apprehensive to do any
  2. Hello I'm running ESXi 5.5, DSM 5.0-4528 Nanoboot I want to keep my system current and am already 2 versions behind. Some questions - Do I have to go to DSM 5.1 then 5.2 or can I jump right to 5.2? My NAS vmdk is a 2TB VMFS. Should I just disconnect (edit settings of VM and remove the hdisk) the VMDK during the upgrade process to make sure nothing crazy happens to my data VMDK then reconnect it once my upgrade is complete? I looks like I need to change from Nanoboot to xpenoboot. Do I just replace the nanoboot 32MB vmdk with the new xpenoboot vmdk and reboot? Then se
  3. Hi I'm running xpenology with nanoboot under ESXi 5.5. For some reason my VM lost its IP address which caused all the other VM's using xpenology as a NFS mount hung. I had to reboot all my VM's to get the NFS mounts working again. Has anyone run into this before where the IP was lost on the xpenology vm? Thanks