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  1. DSM 5.2 is available

    Awesome !!!
  2. DSM 5.2 is available

    what i did boot the xpen iso hit install the last one then install with a 5.1 from syno as you would install reboot voila
  3. DSM 5.2 is available

    downgrade is possible I've done it
  4. DSM 5.2 is available

    For those in need Boot the syno and hit reinstall don't update to the latest dsm during the install ... choose to upload a file (then take a 5.1) Update without loosing the settings And voila Everything is fine, juste a little update for 5.1.5022 updt5
  5. DSM 5.2 is available

    BTW The Webinterface is "down" but everything is working ! (even crashplan)
  6. DSM 5.2 is available

  7. DSM 5.2 is available

    OK i canno't go back because the snapshot doesn't work on independent disks (normal) BUT Syno conf is on the disks I'm fu....
  8. DSM 5.2 is available

  9. DSM 5.2 is available

    And I'm happy ... trouble with the snapshot
  10. DSM 5.2 is available

    On a VM sorry the page you are looking for is not found
  11. DSM 5.2 is available

    out of beta
  12. Apparently 4528 was removed from FTP servers ... issues with Samsung's disks
  13. Thanks How do you access the partition with grub ? If the Virtual Diskstation is booted ... you have only access via winscp to the Synology structure ... no the startup disk one
  14. Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    Work flawlessly (I didn't knew this trick)
  15. Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    DSM 5.0 4493 update 3 is available No update with the GUI