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  1. Ok so i have tried this on an new machine now and i get an Pink Screen. It seems i need to Disable VD-T in the BIOS or ESXI will not boot. I have tried 6.7 & 7.0.... So it seems i will stick to what i know...... unless some has an solution.
  2. Hi @thecatman What ISO are you using as there is 2. 1. Standard ESXI ISO 2. HPE ISO with Drivers etc.... Thanks
  3. Hi @commandoathens I am getting the same issues. I have changed my settings on my NAS's. I had to change my DNS Settings on my NAS on the Network Settings & Remove my Local DNS. I set it up to the Primary DNS of my ISP and it is working now. I am not sure why this has broken since the 29 March.
  4. Hi @IG-88 / All So i have a HP Microserver Server and having alot of issues getting ESXI setup.
  5. Thanks a lot for this So my Questions are as follows. 1. I take it only DS3615 OR DS3617 will work with this and not DS918+ & it needs to be v1.03b and not v1.04 Loader ? 2. I can take all my disks and pass them thou to DSM so i can keep all my setup ? 3. Could i do an Export of all my Configs and then import it to the new DSM ? - I take it that my Physical Machine needs to be on the same Version before i do this ? 4. Another other SSD etc.. i can create an VMFS and then use it for what ever VM i want to do. Are there any Security Recomm
  6. Thanks alot @IG-88 So you will state ESXI over Promox ? I will be adding my Disks and Pass though for DSM as they all have Data on them. I will check out the link you posted but if there is an Preferred Method of how this needs to get done i will gladly test it on my test server to make sure all is 100%. I take it i can use an Low Profile GPU to get better Display etc... Thanks again.
  7. Thanks @IG-88 So what would be Recommended and is there an install guide I can follow. I do not know what i should do or what is recommended. Thanks
  8. Hi @Dfds I cannot get the Resolution to 1920 x 1080. When i Import my Clone of my machine tons of things break. When i build a new VM it works just got Resolution issues.
  9. Hi All, So i have built myself a new setup and having issues with Synology VMM. So what i would like to know is there any point for me to Re-Do my setup on Proxmox or ESXI. I have the Hardware and I can move my data to build a new RAID 5 Setup etc.... If this is an good Idea how will i go about it and what is the Recommendations. Thanks in advanced.
  10. Hi All, So i have decide to give this a try but i am having some issues. How do i get this to be 1920*1080 Resolution. I want to move my 1 Machine to an VM. I have an DS918+ Setup. Thanks
  11. I have changed Cables on the 2 Disks that gave me issues. Running a smart Test on it to check if the Disk is all ok. Thanks both
  12. Hi All, So I built a new setup and 2 disks are giving me Drive Re-Connection all the time. Then for some odd reason i lost the 1 Drive. Changed the Cable and added it back and it was online. The issue i do not get is that it happens now and then do my 8TB WD RED PRO and Samsung SSD. How do i stop this or is this just a bad SATA Cable ? Thanks
  13. LOL. I selected the Wrong Setting Note: If you select Better performance as the storage pool type when creating a storage pool, you cannot set the allocation size of volumes created on this storage pool.
  14. Hi All, So i created a new Storage Pool with 3x 8TB Disks in RAID 5 and that worked. When i go and create a Volume i get no option to make the volumes the sizes i want to and it wants to use the full size. How can i select what i need to for this please. Thanks in advanced.
  15. YAY Finally it worked with 1x 500GB Disk. I found my issue and it is solved. I had to Wipe the 500GB First and then make the RAID 1. Shutdown remove the 120GB run the command then Expand the Storage Pool & Expand the Volume. Thanks alot both
  16. mmm Ok so there is 2 Different things here. I tried the Single Disk Method and that failed so now will have to go buy 1 more 500GB and Try this.. Thanks EDIT: I have started over now. My 120GB and 500GB is in RAID 1.
  17. Hi @flyride It was degraded and i ran "sudo mdadm --grow --raid-devices=1 --force /dev/md3" Since it was on Storage Pool 2 It worked as it stated. I setup the RAID 1, Waited for Re-Sync to be 100%, Shutdown and removed the 120GB, Powered up and got the degraded error and ran the command via SSH. - "raid_disks for /dev/md3 set to 1" Once that was done the degraded error changed to Healthy and that was it. There was no option to expand or even seeing the disk to expand nothing at all. Should i try this again ?
  18. The 120GB is out and the 500GB is in. It is on Storage Pool 2 and when i ran that command it fixed the RAID Errors and now it is just an Single Disk. The 500GB is showing as an 120GB Disk....... So what i want to try next is add a new 500GB Disk and set it up in RAID 1 and then see if it will allow me to Expand it if not then back to the start.....
  19. Hi @billat29 Q, If my Storage Pool is 2 what will the command be for this please ? EDIT: So I found that it was MD3 so that worked to fix the Failed Array but the dam thing did not expand
  20. So what i did was Clone the 120GB to the 500GB so that worked I will need to do some testing on Sunday but from what i know you need 2x Disks to Expand a Volume this is why i need another 500GB then Remove it for RAID 0 again.
  21. Hi @billat29 How did your testing come on since I need to order and new 500GB SSD.
  22. Thanks both I will go get this tested out and see if this works for me. I only have 1x 500GB so will need to find another SSD. Keep you posted.
  23. Thanks @flyride and the easy way to do this and keep all my data ? I am really having a hard time to get this all to work.