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  1. Hi @Peter Suh UPDATE: So I have I found the issue I think. It might be down to hardware. HBA's - LSI-9211-4i & HP H220 8 Port. Tests: HBA & SATA Disks = Working HBA & SATA + SAS Disks = Rebuild Array / On reboot Broken HBA & SATA + SAS Disks =Disk Crashed - Added New SAS - Working BUT Did not Rebuild SATA - Back to Onboard = Working - DSM Re-Install & All Data There Test 2: HBA + SAS Disks - Working - This is on newer hardware. So yes this seems to be a hardware limitation and anything that is to old will not work it seems with the newer SAS Disks i might need to try and get 6GB/s ones but not sure might just stick with SATA to be safe since this is working on all builds so far. This is just my view. Thanks again
  2. Issue SOLVED Re-Installed Latest M-Shell
  3. Thanks again for all the help and support with everything I really appreciate everything. My Card is an SFF-8087 to mini SAS 36 to 4 SATA Cables I got mine on ebay
  4. Hi @Peter Suh Should i try and move to DS918+ or just stay where i am and wait for the module to get fixed ? Thanks
  5. Hi @Peter Suh @wjz304 So something interesting now. I rebuilt the Loader and use the settings of only "SasIdxMap": "0" and let all else blank. Rebooted pressed J and then it asked me to install, I added the .pat got an error then it asked me to recover. So i did and rebooted. Now i am back in my NAS BUT the SAS Disk is now showing as Crashed when it was working and it is an brand new disk so i am not sure what is going on. Also the Disks Serial Numbers and Firmware are showing as on now when before it was not. I wonder if the 16TB Exos Seagate SAS Drives have issues with DSM. Should i rebuild again with an SAS Disk or rather just go with SATA as now my Storage Pool is Degraded.
  6. Hi @Peter Suh So i do not have that Storage Boot Options at all on my microserver. The Boot Mode is Legacy and not UEFI SATA Controller is AHCI All 4 Disks show on the HBA in post
  7. Hi @Peter Suh I will do some checking on my system for the Storage Boot Option in a few hours again for you. Is there anything else i need to do or change in the loader and see what happens. I take it make some changes and Press J and see if the disks load based again. I will rebuild my loader as well again to be 100% sure on all of this. There is any chance "IF you have uploaded to the latest version of mpt3sas downgrade it as per https://github.com/wjz304/arpl-i18n/issues/199 and see if this solves my issues at all if you have time please. Thanks again
  8. Anything right now to see if i can get my system backup and running. Thanks
  9. 因此,将“”保留为无值或将其设置为 0 So leave it is "" with no value or set it to 0
  10. Interesting that you got the H310 to work when https://github.com/wjz304/arpl-i18n/issues/209 is the same issue i am having on DS3622xs+. The driver is crashing it seems.
  11. Hi @wjz304 Google Translate. I hope it is correct. 带 4 个磁盘的 4 端口 HBA LSI 9211-4I 的设置是什么 谢谢 What will the settings be for an 4 Port HBA LSI 9211-4I with 4 disks Thanks
  12. Hi @shibby Did you have to leave the SasIdxMap in still or only update those 2 values ?
  13. Thanks @wjz304 Is there an online copy of this at all that i can load please
  14. Hi @shibby This is interesting. So since i have 4 Disks on the LSI 9211-4i what should I try and use ? I am using the below: "DiskIdxMap": "1000", "SataPortMap": "12", "SasIdxMap: "0", "MaxDisks: "16"
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