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  1. AWESOME thanks so much for this I take it this is all stable now.
  2. Good Day @Peter Suh Thanks for the reply. I need help on how to get this loader installed and setup as i am not very Linux savvy. It is for Physical Hardware. Right now i am on DSM 6.2.3. Is this all stable to use for an Prod System. Thanks
  3. Hi All, I am looking for an guide or help to get to DSM v7.x I have Jun Loader right now. Any help please on how to get this all working. Thanks
  4. Good Day, Is there an guide of how to get this to work please. Thanks
  5. Good Day, Is there an guide on how to install and set this up ? Also is this stable now and will there be an official release Thanks
  6. I am getting errors when i try and run this ./ line 3: $'\r': command not found ./ line 7: $'\r': command not found
  7. Good Day, I have tried to update the certs as per the other posts i have found but for me nothing is working. I am still getting this error on sabnzdb Server uses an untrusted certificate [Certificate not valid. This is most probably a server issue.] Any help please. Thanks
  8. Good Day, My SSD with my Apps, DB, etc.. has crashed and i cannot seem to find a way to get it to come back online or repair it as there is nothing in the GUI. Any help or advice on how i can get this to restore this please. Thanks
  9. Thanks. Where can i find all the files and instructions for this please.
  10. Good Day Please can someone let me know how do I get the .img files for DS918+_6.2.4-25556. Thanks
  11. Ok so i have tried this on an new machine now and i get an Pink Screen. It seems i need to Disable VD-T in the BIOS or ESXI will not boot. I have tried 6.7 & 7.0.... So it seems i will stick to what i know...... unless some has an solution.
  12. Hi @thecatman What ISO are you using as there is 2. 1. Standard ESXI ISO 2. HPE ISO with Drivers etc.... Thanks