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  1. Thanks again @IG-88 So will stick to the JMB585 as you stated and just wait. Will look at that link as well and see if i can order something in my region This is the one i got on order - XT-XINTE Add On Card PCIE SATA Controller SATA3.0 PCI-E x4 GEN3 Card Adapter 5 Port SATA3.0 JMicron JMB585 Chip Set Thanks for all your help and support on all of this. Thanks
  2. Hi @IG-88 Do you know where I can find all the Chipsets for the SATA Controllers. The one with the JMB585 5-Port AHCI Card is taking ages to get to me. Will Marvell or ASM work as well. Thanks again for all your help and advice Thanks
  3. Hi @IG-88 The RAM is Defiantly Faulty. I am up and running. Thanks Again
  4. Hi @IG-88 So yes you where correct I had an 1x 8GB RAM Module that has failed and was full of Errors with memtest. Since I have removed it and running on the other one so far all is stable on 918+ with your extra/extra2. Thanks again
  5. Thanks @IG-88 Will the Synology Mem Test work as well ?
  6. So i have done a Test with 918+ with an 500GB Disk and the same issues happens. I changed Ports on the MB. The File Copy stops then the Web Interface Crashes and then it reboots. So could this be the H370 Driver Issue / Chipset ?
  7. Hi @IG-88 So i have tried all Loaders on my New Setup and all have the same issue. With doing all this I got my Volume 1 Crashed and decided to move back to my HP MicroServer GEN8. After i moved back the System did a File Check and my Volume came back. Then i did an repair for the System as it asked for it. Now i am back to where i started and Pray to everyone who i prayed to all is up and working I have no clue what is going on with the New System but will now add a temp disk and see if i can get this fixed. All i have is 4x WD RED
  8. Hi @IG-88 So it is not the Loader of what i have tried so far 918+ & 3615xs not sure if i should try 3617xs ?. There is an issue with maybe the Driver of the Controller that i have on the Motherboard Or the BackPlane of the unit i have. I wonder if this is an Driver Crash when i copy files.... This is what i have. Server - S1 MotherBoard - Asus TUF H370-Pro Gaming RAM - 16 GB Corsair DDR4 Thanks in advanced.
  9. Thanks a lot @IG-88 Oh 1 more thing do I need to enable CSM in the BIOS and disabled above 4G Decoding ?
  10. Hi @IG-88 So as per my Post Improper Shutdown Issues I am having massive issues with my new setup now. When i copy files it hangs and freezes then reboots
  11. Hi @IG-88 I have found the issue. When i copy files to to the new NAS it hangs and then Reboots. This is the reason why i am getting issues. So how can i fix this since i am using my HP NC360T on the DS918+ This did not happen when i was running the HP MicroServer GEN8 on DS3156xs. Can I move back to DS3156xs on my new Setup Yes i know M.2 Support will not work that is 100%. I take it I still need to extra/extra2 Files as well for this . Thanks
  12. Thanks @IG-88 I am checking everything right now to see what is going on.
  13. @jensmander No luck it just did it again. Is there anyway i can look for logs to see what is going on ?
  14. OK so i have found the CPU Temp and it is 40 Deg +- so that is all ok. I have changed USB Drive to see if this solves it as my unit rebooted again today.
  15. Thanks @flyride I think I will just remove the M.2 and use it for something else in the meantime until I have an better understanding and read up on all of this. Thanks again for you help.