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  1. I only want to omit swap usage on slow hdd (/dev/md1), no space reclamation. I can easily disable it manually (swapoff as root) but how to prevent DSM from use it again after reboot?
  2. Is there possibility to disable disk swap? I'd like to have only compressed ram swap, not disk-based swap.
  3. I did some more tests and you're right - it's not case sensitive, it's all about USB port used. I have to put usb drive into USB 3.0 front port to make it fully working. Thank you. Sorry for not reading FAQ, I missed it somehow starting with reading tutorials section carefully. Now I know XPE better I'm gonna try to migrate my raid drives into XPE - after backing up - and let's see if it's possible
  4. My box is Futro S720 (AMD GX-217GA), has 16GB SSD intended for OS only.I'd like to migrate 2x1TB HDD from old nas without data loss. They work in RAID 1 using mdadm. I've managed to install XPE platform DS918+ using bootloader 1.04b and DSM_DS918+_25426.pat file It wasn't successful at few first tries because I put PID, VID, MAC using lower cases! I thought it's case insensitive, but it is - so always put pid, vid, mac, etc in upper case! USB drive is for bootloader only? Whole system is loaded from HDD/SSD? So is it possible to move bootloader into HDD/SSD to get rid of USB
  5. I'm trying to install XPE to Futro S720 (AMD GX-217GA), just started with bootloader 1.04b and DS918+ platform (and v6.2.3 PAT). So questions (that I cannot find answer for): Is USB drive for initial bootstrap & installation? Can I remove after all and it's not needed anymore? Because I'd like to install & run on dedicated 16GB SATA SSD. Booting from usb drive stops at "screen will stop updating..." and there is no further messages. Does it mean that bootloader doesn't work for me? Should I try with v1.03 DS3515/17 I suppose?