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  1. All changes to synoboot didn't save with osfmount that is bundled with the xpenology tool. So I tried a current version and it worked for some reason.
  2. I have finally managed to create a proper usb bootloader and my j4105 works perfectly fine (dev/dri/ exists).
  3. No /dev/dri/ for me on J4105. I am afraid all changes to synoboot.img don't save at all. Everytime I flash the usb drive I have to change vid, pid, sn, Mac in grub menu. Can anyone create synoboot.img with the newest custom extra.lzma and upload here? I would change vid, pid, sn, mac in grub menu.
  4. What media server do you use for 4K HDR transcoding? I am asking because the colors are washed out in case of Plex
  5. I started a downgrade process a few minutes before your answear. I am gonna try a clean install then.
  6. I tried to update my j4105 to 6.2.3 and unfortunately there is no /dev/dri/. I use juns loader 1.04b without any additional extra.lzma.
  7. So the most probable solution would be if Synology released new models based on gemini lakes?
  8. Hi, is there any update about hw acceleration on gemini lake with the newest dsm?
  9. There is no such a thing as hw acceleration with gemini lakes and 6.2.2. So you obviously can't turn it off. You should use syno 0.8 custom extra.lzma (created by IG-88). Keep searching
  10. ls /dev/dri Have you deleted
  11. You gotta modify synoboot.img to run dsm 6.2.2. successfully. Just remember that hw acceleration doesn't work on 6.2.2. with gemini lakes.
  12. You don't need any driver extensions for dsm 6.2.1 to enable hw transcoding on gemini lake
  13. Does /dev/dri/ contain any files? You use correct dsm version and bootloader. So hw transcoding should work without any doubts.