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  1. Do I need to have the USB-stick attached to the NAS all the time or is it only during installation of Xpenology? If I need it attached all the time, then I must buy a smaller one 🙂 Thanks in advance
  2. So version 6.2.1 is to go, where can I find a tutorial to install from beginning with version 6.2.1, all I find is older versions or how to update? Thanks in advance
  3. Have now ordered: Case: Chieftec Compact Series IX-01B Mini-ITX PSU: Chieftec AC Power Adapter CDP-085ITX 85W Motherboard: ASRock J4105-ITX - Intel Gemini Lake - Intel Onboard CPU socket - DDR4 RAM - Mini-ITX Memory: Corsair Vengeance SO-DIMM DDR4 2400MHz 2x4GB (CMSX8GX4M2A2400C16) Hard drive: WD Red WD40EFRX - 64MB - 5400 RPM - 4TB Almost small as Synology DS218+ but more powerful and cheaper. Only fit one 3.5" hdd and power brick is outside the device, but fanless. Just need to check how to install XPEnology. Do I need to update BIOS for the motherboard if there is any newer version? Thanks in advance
  4. Will 85 watt be enough for the board, 8GB memory and a WD Red 4TB? Thanks in advance
  5. What case are you using? The case I was planning requires Pico PSU, dont know If I should go with it or not, I want a small case as possible that fits one 3.5" hdd. Ok, will only buy 8GB memory.
  6. Will it make a difference if I buy 16GB for only using it as a storage and streaming for one person? Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks a lot. Will try to find a PSU that fits the case.
  8. Will 16GB memory make any difference for what I will use it for? Its 20$ USD cheaper with 8GB. Thanks in advance
  9. OK thanks. Will use Corsair Vengeance SO-DIMM DDR4 2400MHz 2x4GB (CMSX8GX4M2A2400C16) Now what PSU is good? Thanks in advance
  10. Will the turbo of the CPU work, from 1.5GHz to 2.5GHz? Is one 8GB memory stick good enough or is 2x4GB better? Thinking to use this small case. What PSU is recommended? Chieftec Compact Series IX-01B Mini-ITX Thanks again
  11. Hi, (please move this thread if its in wrong forum) I want a NAS that is powerful to transcode .mkv for one user and can fit one WD RED 4TB. Synology DiskStation DS218+ is having Intel Celeron J3355, so I know it needs more CPU than that. Will this motherboard with Intel Celeron J4105 works with XPEnology? ASRock J4105-ITX If the motherboard works, what 8GB memory works for XPEnology (I know it must be compatible with the motherboard)? I dont need much features from the NAS, only to store pictures (jpeg) and .mkv movies (from GoPro and anime, max 2GB per file). Want to be able to access the NAS from outside of my home on my phone/iPad/laptop. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks but I will skip nVidia Shield TV. I have most of my videos in 1080p .mkv and have now started to record 4K on the Gopro 4 camera, if i3 cant handle it I will go for i5. Will the power supply of 200W be enough, thats included in the case? Does the Xpenology support the AC3 sound codec? Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks for the help. When Xpenology is installed, there is no Windows in the background right? What can I have the CDROM for when Xpenology is installed? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, Is this setup good for Xpenology, want to stream H.264 and HEVC videos to tablets and phones? I checked the database and the motherboard and memory was listed on it. In Win BP671 Mini-ITX Intel Core i3-6100, Socket-LGA1151 MSI LGA1151 H110M PRO-VH HyperX FURY DDR4 2133MHz 4GB WD Red 3TB Harddrive Dont know if all these is fitting together, very thankful if you have any comments. Thanks in advance