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  1. Got it to work by: Enabled SSH in DSM (NAS). Enabled Admin user in DSM (NAS). Downloaded PUTTY to Windows 10. Opened PUTTY and entered the IP address from the NAS, and press open to enter the NAS. Login as: admin Password: I set a new password when enabled admin user account in DSM. Paste with right click/Enter: cd /dev/dri Paste with right click/Enter: cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf Results was below: {"success":true,"activated_codec":["mpeg4part2_enc","h264_dec","h264_enc","mpeg4part2_dec","aac_dec","aac_enc","vc1_dec","vc1_enc","hevc_dec","ac3_dec"],"token" :"26e42f20ea913ecb6237e691394c6d77"}
  2. Hi, I know DSM should not be updated, but what about File Station and other apps, is it ok to update? Thanks in advance
  3. Was trying to connect with my iPhone and iPad but couldnt see PPTP option. After some googling I read it was removed after IOS 10, and PPTP is not secure. Back to the Asus router and enabled OpenVPN instead, exported the config file, downloaded OpenVPN Connect app to iPhone and Honor 8, imported the config file and now its working fine 😃 Thanks so much for all the help, appreciate it alot, learning new things too 😃
  4. Hi, I have set up VPN server in my Asus RT-AC-1900U router, PPTP with user name and password. And it shows me what VPN server address to be used when connecting it from phone etc. On my android phone Honor 8, I can get VPN to be connected. But how do I connect to DS Photo or DS Video, do I need to enable anything on DSM? Using the same IP address works when im home, but not when outside, do I need to use another IP when im outside? Thanks in advance
  5. What is the password for admin? I never added a password for that account. I only set username and password for the account I use to login to DSM. I enabled SSH service in DSM. On windows 10, im using putty. The serial and mac, I already edited with a number I got from this site before I flashed the image to the usb-memory. Thanks in advance
  6. I cant used the same serial number as the one I used to install ? I mean the same serial number everyone probably is using? Can the serial be from any Synology or it must be from 918+? Is there any tutorial on how to migrate the serial number? Im already transferring files to the NAS and have Video Station set up good, just need to work on Plex and the transcoding. Dont want to reinstall everything and start over.
  7. Will it solve my problem if I have Plex Pass? I thought the CPU was powerfull enough to handle it.
  8. Played the same movie on my Intel NUC with Intel Core i5 8259U and the CPU only reach max 2%. Both Intel NUC and iPad Mini 4 is played with Plex player/app and through wi-fi. See the setting on Plex Transcoder below.
  9. Hi, When I play the movie below on DS Video Station on my iPad Mini 4, CPU reach maximum 30%. But when same movie is played on Plex, it reach 97%. What could be wrong with my settings, I have not changed anything on the setting? Any transcoding I must enable or so? Have the latest Plex on my NAS, 1.15.4994, 64 bit. Thanks in advance My NAS: Case: Chieftec Compact Series IX-01B Mini-ITX PSU: Chieftec AC Power Adapter CDP-085ITX 85W Motherboard: ASRock J4105-ITX - Intel Gemini Lake - Intel Onboard CPU socket - DDR4 RAM - Mini-ITX Memory: Corsair Vengeance SO-DIMM DDR4 2400MHz 2x4GB (CMSX8GX4M2A2400C16) Hard drive: Seagate Barracuda ST4000LM024 128MB 4TB USB stick: SanDisk USB 3.1 Ultra Fit 16GB
  10. Thanks so much. Had to right click the /video folder -> Properties -> Permission -> Create -> select Plex and give it permission.
  11. I have my movies under /video folder, how can I point Plex to that folder? There is a Plex folder but I dont want to create more sub folders for the movies, cause I dont want to have duplicate movies stored under Plex and under /video folder. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, I have my videos under /video folder where Video Station is pointed to. Will it cause any issues if I use Plex and point to the same folder? Was thinking of all the meta files and info it have created. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, How can I make Video Station to show the episodes in order? The app DS Video Station shows in order, its only Video Station on the PC its wrong. Thanks in advance
  14. Under the main server name I have the shared folder I created and also the folders that Photo Station, Video Station and Music Station created. /photo /video /music /my shared folder I created I added my pictures to /photo folder, otherwise Photo Station cant read it. Im working on the Video Station and Plex now, with those you can search for the folder your media is, but I put my movies on /video