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  1. Finally upgraded Proxmox based 6.2 install to 7.0-41222. It took me good 3-4 hours to figure out how the new boot loader works, so hopefully information bellow will help others: 1. I am using LSI SAS 2008 flashed in IT mode to passthrough HDDs (4x4TB) 2. Also passing 82579LM ethernet card for dedicated network. 3. Booting VM from USB (couldn't get SATA boot to work properly). 4. Used this repo to build loader with mptsas and mpt2sas drivers 5. bromolow_user_config.json { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0x6387", "vid": "0x058f", "sn": "xxxxxx
  2. Can someone, please, share VM config details from proxmox for this loader? I have 6.2 running ... compiled apollolake-7.0.1-42218 but can't find it online.
  3. Well, I can passthrough lci to Ubunu VM for example, so from Proxmox setup standpoint everything works. Which boot loader did you use ?
  4. Could you please share the link to boot loader you used. I can't get LSI controller recognized, so can't pass drives to xpenology. Every other VM works fine with this controller and pass.
  5. Can some share steps to pass LSI controller to xpenology running on Proxmox ? I did everything possible and impossible, using multiple different loaders etc. I can pass controller to ubuntu vm and see drives but xpenology VM doesn't see drives.
  6. Еще раз спасибо за проверку. Ответ нашелся в конфигурации файрвола.
  7. K сожалению, тот же результат с последним "лекарством". Сейчас проверю на 6.2... и на официальных Синолоджи серверах.
  8. Уважаемый montagnic, Благодарен за Ваш ответ. Догадываться не надо, я ведь не просил Вас решить мою проблему Данный тест проводился на Хрени 6.1.7 (3617) и с последней версией СС (без лекарства) на две камеры.
  9. Может кто нибудь подтвердить следующее: СС не активирует камеры без доступа в интернет. Т.е если NAS не может достучатся до Китайский Серверов, активация камер не происходит. Для эксперимента, заблокировал нас на уровне файрвола и вырубил камеру (disable) в SS. Когда включаю камеру (enable) висит активация, потом таймаут и камера оффлайн.
  10. Watched that video and checked forum before posting. As I mentioned all sata ports are disabled so it is 8+8. I ended up configuring 16 ports, it works now. But first 4 slots empty so HDD #1 is in bay 5.
  11. Hi, I have almost the same problem. In my case 2 LSI card used in IT mode with 12 HDD. Everything was fine with v5. Upgraded to the latest 6.1 and now 2 hard disks recognized as ESATA disks with default config files. Onboard sata ports disabled. Tried multiple different configurations, can't get it right. Disabled esata and usb in config (0x0). internalportcfg="0xfff". Any ideas what I am missing ?
  12. Расскажите, пожалуйста, как настраивали ЕПГ и иконки для каналов.