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  1. @IG-88 thank you for pointing that out. I didn't realize DSM was also looking at the onboard SATA. that makes perfect sense and now I know how to proceed. thank you very much!
  2. Hello Xpenology gurus.... I'm relatively new to Xpenology and only just starting to learn more about it. There's a lot of information around here and that's so much appreciated. I was able to successfully experiment with Xpenology as a KVM virtual machine using Jun's loader 1.02b. So, I decided to try it on real hardware; specifically a Supermicro 825, with X8DTU-F + 2x L5640, 128GB RAM, and a AOC-USAS2 controller, which is a LSI SAS2008 based controller, and 8x HGST SAS 3TB drives. Booting this hardware with CentOS-7, I see all the hardware no problem. However, when I boot Jun's l