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  1. TerraMaster F2-220

    [LEDs NOT WORK] Thanks for reply. I hope there was some driver to load or some other config to change [max two disk] Thanks for info. I change only maxdisks=2 in /etc.defaults and it works very very thanks for all I put this link in mind and I will check for every update. - Thanks for help and I hope that my post will be usefull for other user with F2-220 and the same questions. At the end: With original TOS I had some problem with the Terramaster software and with USB3 not work after reboot. Now I have a good hardware with a good software!!! I hope the loader will be update for future major release.
  2. TerraMaster F2-220

    Hi, I have a F2-220 and I have installed xpenology with Polanskiman tutorial (for 6.1.x) I used Jun's Loader 1.02b for DS3615xs and DSM_DS3615xs_15217.pat it seems to work well, but I have some problem: 1.the leds of HDD are always RED (but they are GOOD and work well) 2.the LED of LAN is always off (but the NAS is online) So... Can I fix this two problems? Another little problem is that the DSM say me that I have 10 free slot... this is the last problem... but if I can change a config to set that the max number of disks are 2. Last question: I have installed DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1 and the DSM tell me that there is DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 3 Is safe to DOWNLOAD from DSM the last update? Or I have to do a "migration" ? Thanks for support P.S. I'm italian so the screenshots are in italian, sorry for that.
  3. Introduce yourself here

    Hi, I'm new with xpenology... I hope this forum can help me in my modding