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  1. I add a new parameter "MAX PWM for normal use" until overheat, then jump to 255. -So it start with pwminit -use cicle testing setpoint temperature and set the fan between pwmmin and pwmmax_n -when overheat, the fan jump directly to 255... it look something like lm-sensor did, more or less So now the parameters are: <debug> <test_temp> <pwminit> <setpoint> <interval> <overheat> <pwmmin> <pwmmax_n> <kp> <ki> <imax> <kd> I scheduled at boot: /root/fancontrol 0 1 40 35 20 42 40 160 you have to tuning the temperature for DISK or CPU... setpoint 35° and overheat 42° for CPU, seems to work for me (maybe have to be a little bigger, but for now i want the fan to "spin up and down" to control code, so it's ok) source fancontrol.cpp and executable for DSM 6.2.1 fancontrol
  2. Today I tested "fancontrol" code and made some modification. the order of parameters is different from what write on "istructions" so it didn't work at first try... I change istructions of -h to be consistent with parameters <debug> <pwminit> <setpoint> <interval> <overheat> <pwmmin> <kp> <ki> <imax> <kd> I add a new parameter (second in list) that make you change the tested temperature between DISK (0) or CPU (1) (coretemp of terramaster that I prefer) So now the parameters are: <debug> <test_temp> <pwminit> <setpoint> <interval> <overheat> <pwmmin> <kp> <ki> <imax> <kd> I scheduled: /root/fancontrol 0 1 50 35 20 40 50 source fancontrol.cpp and executable for DSM 6.2.1 fancontrol thanks eudean for the code PS I have no time to test different cicle for the fan, but next change can be to replicate lm-sensor fan control or not...
  3. eudean, you are perfeclty write but what i Want to say is exaclty that: the script is more accessible to everyone (based, of course, on a "esoteric libraries" that make the works for you) with some help, maybe I can make what you say, or maybe I can change the source and recompile: -what compiler you install (gcc or other), from where ? -what library is necessary? (the kernel library is missing on synology DSM so I don't know where to find them) .how to know what direct memory call do on the fan? when I will able to compile... I think that "change the source" (if necessary) and do a "make" will not be a problem!
  4. For me, the "old" serial works well also with 1.04b DS918+ (and also the real mac address) For 1.03b loader you must have the vga cable to enter BIOS setup and modify boot sequence to boot from USB (the legacy one and not the UEFI one). - For fancontrol, I can confirm that the chip on F2-220 are the same... ITE IT8772E Eudean's use a different approach and use direct memory access (fancontrol is a compilated executable) to control the fan (instead lm-sensor control with fancontrol bash shell script) So it's a little different from what I would like to do, but I think is a good start... and like we always say: it's better than nothing! (if it works with loader 1.04b+DS918+ is exactly what we need to migrate from loader 1.03b+DS3615) Thanks (i search many time the forum, but I didn't find that message)
  5. i tryed lm-sensors with 1.04b+ds918 and it seems that the problem is the kernel module it87.ko that is not present on this distro... And without that module, sensors not find the fan to command: with sensor-detect can we make it87.ko for 4.4.59+ kernel?
  6. Or I am lucky Or it can not be hardware problem because I am using 6.2.1 with loader 1.04 without ploblem and I don't think F2-220 have different hardware... so... try again star with formatted usb controll all configuration
  7. After some days: the NAS works well, no problem at all. I use: -2 internal HDD: RAID1 migrated, folder with permission are OK -2 external HDD (connected via HUB USB3): no problem, folder are migrated, users are migrated, permission are OK. Reboot of NAS works well. Also the software works well: -Maria DB 10 (I use it with KODI on my TV BOX) -Web Station+apache+php+java (i use this with a client for JDowloader) -Transmission -JDownloader 2 BETA (I don't verify upgrade, but the old version works well) So, i suggest to install JUN loader 1.04b 918+ without try 1.03b Maybe there is no need for VGA cable to install 1.04b instead the old 1.02b ???!??? I change 1.02b with 1.03b (that need VGA cable) before install 1.04b so I can't answer this question... sure To pass from 1.03b to 1.04b i didn't use the VGA cable.
  8. UPDATE: migrate to 6.2.1-23824 using JUN loader 1.04b for DS918+ it seems to work Is there a problem using DSM for DS918+ instead the one for DS3615xs ?
  9. Outcome of the installation/update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2-23739 with JUN v.1.03b - DS3615xs - Loader version and model: Jun v1.04b - DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - TerraMaster F2-220 - Additional comments: with loader v.1.03b - DS3615xs the DSM 6.2.1 not boot at all... with new loader, migrate succesfully without data loss
  10. I used Jun loader 1.03b for DS3615xs (change grub.cfg as usual) I have to change BIOS setting to boot from internal USB drive (default is the HDD, so you need VGA cable) I download DSM 6.2 file from this link .pat file for DS3615xs I use link to find NAS on local network I chose to migrate ... to manual install (to use the PAT file that I have downloaded) and then the NAS reboot with DSM 6.2 now I have 6.2-23739 Can I update to 6.2.1-23824 with this loader or I have to wait for 1.04b for DS3615xs ?
  11. so we need the VGA cable? i found someone with 12p female -> 15p vga female some other 12p male -> 15p vga female what one is the correct one can someone link a "correct one" to buy?
  12. I don't know openmediavault For the other two: xpenology vs TOS obviously if you are fine with the original TOS, than you have to stay with original TOS... But if you try xpenology, maybe you have some problem with TOS (I have many problem when I restart NAS or with some normal operation for me) xpenology is "another world" with the problem that you know(LEDs, power, etc...) , but with alll the features of xpenology that works very very better, more stable, more options, more software, etc... My problems is gone, all that I have to do I can do with xpenology: -HUB on USB3 with 2 HDD without problem on reboot -transmission (used for torrents, without problem in reboot) -jdownloader2 (used for direct download... same, no problem for now) -java (used by jdownloader) -webpage+php (used for a local webclient for jdownloader) -mariadb (used for KODI video library db) With directory shared via SAMBA and NFS used for KODI library (used from a TV box connected in giga lan)
  13. [LEDs NOT WORK] Thanks for reply. I hope there was some driver to load or some other config to change [max two disk] Thanks for info. I change only maxdisks=2 in /etc.defaults and it works very very thanks for all I put this link in mind and I will check for every update. - Thanks for help and I hope that my post will be usefull for other user with F2-220 and the same questions. At the end: With original TOS I had some problem with the Terramaster software and with USB3 not work after reboot. Now I have a good hardware with a good software!!! I hope the loader will be update for future major release.
  14. Hi, I have a F2-220 and I have installed xpenology with Polanskiman tutorial (for 6.1.x) I used Jun's Loader 1.02b for DS3615xs and DSM_DS3615xs_15217.pat it seems to work well, but I have some problem: 1.the leds of HDD are always RED (but they are GOOD and work well) 2.the LED of LAN is always off (but the NAS is online) So... Can I fix this two problems? Another little problem is that the DSM say me that I have 10 free slot... this is the last problem... but if I can change a config to set that the max number of disks are 2. Last question: I have installed DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1 and the DSM tell me that there is DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 3 Is safe to DOWNLOAD from DSM the last update? Or I have to do a "migration" ? Thanks for support P.S. I'm italian so the screenshots are in italian, sorry for that.