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  1. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Upgrading from 6.1.2 to 6.1.3 on DS3615xs on ESXi 6.5 (MS Gen8) without a problem! Everything works fine!
  2. Any news here? Have the same problems with my IBM 1015 in IT Mode...
  3. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Having a MS Gen8 with M1015 Controller cross flashed to an LSI 9211 in IT mode (with 4 data disks). XPenology runs on an ESXi 6.5 with newest loader 1.02b (Firmware 6.1.2). LSI passtrough to the VM. The VM runs on the internal b120i in RAID Mode (Raid 0) as single disk (ESXi Datastore). I cant get smart infos in the synology gui. Only a message "not available". Anyone else with this problem?
  4. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    How can I do a completely clean install? There was some problem with 1.02a Loader and the new DSM 6.1.1! There was no data on the disks. Only the clean DSM. How can I go back? I still find a synology with syno tool and it says to me "recovery", but i want a clean install with an older DSM version...
  5. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    I also tested the new version 6.1.1 (Loader 1.02a DS3615) on my Microserver Gen8. Afer reboot...nothing! Can't ping the device, it's dead!
  6. I get the same error 13, when i install a clean bare metall on hp microserver gen8!? using the ds3617xs 1.02a2 loader...