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  1. thank you. such a good explanation on how to map SATA device.
  2. thank you @ThorGroup. really appreciated the effort. then I will wait for the proper stage later on, for testing etc. after using the code for a while now, I also can testify for this statements.
  3. thank you, @lemon55. i just got my xpenology online on Proxmox 7.0. somehow I cannot mount synoboot.img using the @fonix232 usb method. it seems does not work on Proxmox 7.0. maybe there are different arguments for proxmox 7.0. if there any other member that can mount using usb method on Proxmox 7.0, do share. ************************** Proxmox Version: 7.0-8 Jun's Loader version: v1.03b DS3615xs DSM: DS3615xs 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 ****************************
  4. hi. long time lurker. I'm still reading throughout this forum learning to setup my server properly. First thing first, I would like to test connections and performance for my server. I tried to run iperf to do this. already loaded in Ubuntu with iperf package. but as I go through the help, it sound like iperf need to be run on each node of testing. (PC and server). How to install and run iperf in my server? I have not run into any log in this forum regarding iperf except this thread. my setup : N54L DSM 4.2-3211 8GB RAM ECC